Bayesian Networks Seminar

The BN Journal club is organized by Dr. Marco Valtorta and meets at times to be determined in the computer science and engineering conference room, Swearingen 3A75. The main theme of this seminar for 2006-2007 is the integration of logical and probabilistic reasoning. Other topics include:

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2006-08-09 Organizational Meeting No Readings. We followed a link given by David Poole at UAI-06: the Probabilistic-Logical Models Repository. and came up with the following plan. We will go over Poole's tutorial and his CILOG-II system. Of the other systems, we will review Manfred Jaeger's Primula and Adnan's Darwiche's SamIam. SamIam is being integrated with Primula. We will study the (non-implemented) First-Order Bayesian Logic of Kathryn Laskey, the the Alchemy system by Pedro Domingos, which gave a keynote presentation at AAAI-06, and the PRM-type systems, which originated at Daphne Koller's DAGS group at Stanford. Group Discussion
2006-08-10 to 15 David Poole's UAI-06 Tutorial on the integration of logic and probabilistic reasoning "Uncertainty with Logical, Procedural, and Relational Languages", by David Poole. Additional reference: Paulo da Costa and Kathryn Laskey's "Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks without Multi-Tears." We completed the tutorial. We did not use the additional reference. Marco Valtorta Copy of picture on board on August 14.
2006-08-21 David Poole's CILOG-II system "CILog 2: A logic programming language with probabilities and logical explanation and debugging facilities", by David Poole. This meeting only covered the first part of the CILog2 manual. Additional resources: Batmobile paper, local copy, ps Probabilistic Models for Relational Data, by David Heckerman, Christopher Meek, and Daphne Koller, local copy, pdf Jingshan Huang and Jingsong Wang PowerPoint presentation based on the Cilog-2 manual
2006-09-26 Goal Trees Loveland, D.W. and M.E. Stickel. The hole in goal trees: some guidance from resolution theory. IEEE Transactions on Computers C-25, 4 (April 1976), 335--341. Paper, local copy, pdf. Local copies of two related papers by Mark Stickel: 1987, pdf. 1989, pdf. Marco Valtorta. Copy of picture on board, with variations on the swimming pool example.
2006-10-10 CVS and the Magellan system No paper Jingshan Huang
2006-10-17-20 The Primula System The Primula Systems by Manfred Jaeger Jingsong Wang's PowerPoint presentation based on examples provided by Manfred Jaeger
2007-01-04 Multiple-Entity Bayesian Networks (MEBNs) Main Reference: Paulo da Costa and Kathryn Laskey's "Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks without Multi-Tears" (local copy). Kathryn Laskey's "First-Order Bayesian Logic" (local copy). Kathryn Laskey's "MEBN: A Logic for Open-World Probabilistic Reasoning" (local copy). Jingsong Wang's PowerPoint presentation based on the main reference . PowerPoint presentation containing some material on MEBNs . PowerPoint presentation for 2006-01-05 meeting: subset of above, with some changes. .
2007-01-23 Conflicts in Bayesian Networks Young-Gyun Kim and Marco Valtorta. "On the Detection of Conflicts in Diagnostic Bayesian Networks Using Abstraction." UAI-95, pp.362-367 (local copy). Marco Valtorta's PowerPoint presentation based on work by Jensen, Laskey, and Kim and Valtorta.
2007-02-06 Conflicts and Alerts Thomas D. Nielsen and Finn V. Jensen. "On-line Alert Systems for Production Plants: A Conflict Based Approach." Technical Report, Machine Intelligence Group, University of Aalborg, Denmark (local copy of 2007-01-28, and original link). Scott Langevin's PowerPoint presentation.
2007-08-13 The TREAT System Leonard Lebovici, Michal Fishman, Henrik C. Schoenheyder, Christian Riekehr, Brian Kristensen, Ilana Shraga, and Steen Andreassen. "A Causal Probabilistic Network for Optimal Treatment of Bacterial Infections." IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 12, 4 (July/August, 2000), 517-528 (local copy of 2007-08-14). Alicia Ruvinsky and Scott Langevin's presentation of 2007-08-14