Useful Links for CSCE 582 {=STAT 582}: Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs

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The Hugin Web Site

The GeNIe Web Site

The Microsoft Belief Network Tools Web Site

The Norsys Web Site

The Webweavr-III Web Site

The Webweavr-III Web Site

Web Site of Prof. Juan E. Vargas's CSCE 822 (Data Mining and Warehousing)

Web site of Prof. Adnan Darwiche's CS 262 A (Reasoning with Partial Beliefs) course at the UCLA Department of Computer Science

Errata list for [J96]

Errata list for [J00]

The Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Web Site

Software Packages for Graphical Models/Bayesian Networks, maintained by Kevin Murphy.

The Monty Hall Puzzle.

How to view postscript in Windows: Wim Sweldens's web page on GSview