Some suggestions for the Midterm
The midterm will be closed book. No notes (including one-page cheat sheets) will be allowed either.
Student who normally are seated in the overflow room should go there. There will be a proctor.
[From an email exchange] I would suggest the exercises at the end of Chapters 1-4 of [Watt] and at the end of Chs.2, 3, and 13 of Mogensen's book. This covers more than what we did in class. Note that many of the exercises have solutions, either at the back of the book (in the case of Watt and Brown's book) or online at the author's web site (in the case of Mogensen's book). A good way to prepare would be to do the exercises that have a solution, and then check the solution. You should be comfortable with the denotational semantics handouts. If we spend some time on axiomatic semantics, you should review that.
I may add links to some old questions or tests. Please check this web site again.