Points for each assignment
  1. (HW1) 3 points per question. 12 points.
  2. (HW2) 17 points total.
  3. (HW3) 5 points total.
  4. (HW4) 5 points total.
  5. (HW5) 5 points total.
  6. (HW6) See the homework section of the main page. Total: 20 points. 1.(8 points) Has at least six PowerPoint slides (yes, no) 2.(4 points) Includes a summary of the topic with appropriate references (yes, no) 3.(4 points) Includes application of the Robert Barger's 8-step ethical decision-making process to the problem (1 point given if a different process is used; up to two points taken out if steps are missing.) 4.(4 point) Includes application of the ACM Code Code.