CSCE 390 Spring 2013: Syllabus (subject to change)

Reference materials:

  • Robert N. Barger. Computer Ethics: A Case-based Approach. Cambridge University Press, 2008 (required text, referred to as [B]). Supplementary materials from the publisher are available online.
  • The last day to withdraw without failure is Friday, October 11, 2013. The final exam for the course will last two and a half hours and will take place on Thursday, December 12, 2013, at 1600 in the classroom (SWGN 2A14). This is the regularly scheduled time for courses taught from 1625 to 1715 on Thursdays. ( See the university exam schedule.) See here for the fall 2013 academic calendar. The syllabus is subject to change: this is especially true of homework.

    DayTopic Homework
    (1) August 22Philosophical inventory; Introduction; The Computer as a humanizing agent (Chs.1-2 [B]) TBD
    (2) August 29 Talk on careers by Ms. Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson of the USC Career Center: The Value of Experiential Learning TBD
    (3) September 5 Philosophic Belief Systems: Idealism and Realism (Ch 3 [B]) TBD
    (4)September 12 Philosophic Belief Systems: Pragmatism and Existentialism (Ch 3 [B]) The possibility of a unifying ethical theory. (Ch. 5 [B]) TBD
    (5) September 19 The ethical decision-making process (Ch. 6 [B]). TBD
    (6) September 26 The ethical decision-making process, ctd. Psychology and computer ethics (Ch.7 [B]) TBD
    (7) October 3 The computing field as a profession (Ch.8 [B]) TBD
    (8) October 10 Computer-related codes of ethics (Ch.9 [B]) TBD
    October 17 Fall Break NA
    (9) October 24 Presentation by Prof. Duncan Buell on Voting Machines TBD
    (10) October 31 TBD TBD
    (11) November 7 Three case studies for the Joint Software Engineer's Code TBD
    (12) November 14 Presentation by Dr. Csilla Farkas on Computer Security and Information Assurance TBD
    (13) November 21 Student Presentations TBD
    November 28 Thanksgiving Recess NA
    (14) December 5 Student Presentations TBD