CSCE 390 (Fall 2013): Lecture Log

August 22 (Thu), 2013 HW1 assigned: exercises at the end of chs. 1 and 2 of textbook (referred to as [B]). See elsewhere for details of submission. Administrative information: objectives, textbook, syllabus, grading policy. The students take the Ross-Barger philosophic inventory (cf. ch.4 [B]).

August 29 (Thu), 2013 HW1 collected. Presentation by Ms. Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson by the USC Career Center (CEC Satellite Office) on Resume Writing and the Value of Experiential Learning. An assignment similar to the one given below will be assigned in a week. It will be tied to the SET Career Fair of Tuesday, September 17, 2013.
(HW2, due Thursday, September 19, 2013)
Choose a company where you would like to apply for a position. Write:

  • A one-page overview of the company
  • A one-page overview of the position that you would apply for
  • A one-page resume geared towards that position
  • A half-page essay on what you need to learn or do to be competitive for the position
  • Attend the SET Career Fair on Wednesday, September 17, and write a half-page essay describing your experience
  • Register on Jobmate at the USC Career Center. Write a statement that you registered on the first page of your homework submission document.
  • September 5 (Thu), 2013 HW1 returned. HW2 assigned: see main web course site for details. Philosophical belief systems (ch.3 [B]): introduction, metaphysics (ontology), epistemology, axiology (ethics and aesthetics), idealism.

    September 12 (Thu), 2013 Philosophical Inventory Returned; it will be used for HW3, assigned: see main web course site for details. Philosophical belief systems, part II: realism and pragmatism. (Existentialism is still to be covered.)

    September 19 (Thu), 2013 HW2 collected. Philosophical belief systems, part II: existentialism. Ch.3 completed. Comments on Ch.4 (Inventory), Ch.5 (Mohr's proposal for a unified ethical theory). Three simple cases by Robert Barger: Absolutist and Relativist Positions.

    September 26 (Thu), 2013 HW4 assigned: exercise at the end of Ch.6[B], due Thursday, October 3. HW2 returned. HW3 collected. The ethical decision-making process (Ch.6 [B]): review and example.

    October 3 (Thu), 2013 HW5 assigned: exercise at the end of Ch.7[B], due Thursday, October 24. HW3 returned. HW4 collected. Psychology and computer ethics (Ch.7 [B]). The computing field as a profession (Ch.8 [B]).

    October 10 (Thu), 2013 HW6 assigned: exercises 1 and 4 at the end of Ch.9[B], due Thursday, October 31. HW4 returned. The computing field as a profession (Ch.8 [B]): additional comments. Computer-related codes of ethics (Ch.9 [B]).

    October 24 (Thu), 2013 HW5 collected. Guest lecture by Prof. Duncan Buell on Electronic Voting.

    October 31 (Thu), 2013 HW7 assigned (Powerpoint presentation). See details on the main web page. HW6 collected. HW5 returned and briefly discussed. Examples of used of the ACM/IEEE-CS joint Software Engineer's code (Gotternbarn and Miller's paper linked to main web site). Use of code of ethics to set expectation in court: paper by Aiken, Stanley, Billings, and Anderson linked to main web site.

    November 7 (Thu), 2013 HW6 returned and briefly discussed. First student presentation.

    November 14 (Thu), 2013 Presentation by Dr. Csilla Farkas on Computer Security and Information Assurance.

    November 21 (Thu), 2013 Student presentations (first part).

    December 5 (Thu), 2013 There will be no final exam for this course. Student presentations (second part). Students who did not present will be graded on the presentation material. Students should check the blackboard site for the course for missing grades. Late homework is accepted until the time scheduled for the final exam (Thursday, December 12, at 4pm). Final grades will be posted no earlier than Thursday night.