CSCE 350: Data Structures and Algorithms

TTH 9:30AM-10:45AM SWGN 2A19

Prerequisites: CSCE 245, MATH 374

Instructor: Marco Valtorta
Office: Swaeringen 3A55, 777-4641
Office Hours: MWF 1030-1130 or by previous appointment.
Teaching Assistant: Linwei Niu SWGN 3D15,, 777-3774, Office Hours: MW 1600-1730


Grading Policy

Reference materials:

  • Levitin, Anany. Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  • The current departmental syllabus and the old departmental syllabus for its predecessor, CSCI 220, list several goals for this course. Specific objectives of this course are:

    Lecture Log (including homework assignments!)

    Grading Scheme for each assignment

    Homework, Tests, and Programs
    NOTE: Homework 2 is available for pick-up in an envelope on my office door, as of 2004-02-18 at 9:30am.
    Homework 4: partial make-up for Midterm 1
    Notes on HW7, due April 6, 2004
    Some practics questions for the second midterm (pdf format)

    Lecture Notes

    Some useful links:
    Some links to algorithm animation sites.
    In this class, we write dates according to ISO Standard 8601.
    How to view postscript in Windows: Wim Sweldens's web page on GSview.
    Norman Matloff's Introduction to the vi Text editor
    Norman Matloff's Unix Tutorial Center