CSCE 190 Spring 2010: Syllabus (subject to change)

There is no textbook for this course.

The last day to withdraw without failure is Monday, February 23, 2010. The final exam for the course will take place on Friday, April 30, 2010, at 9am in the classroom (300 Main B213). This is the regularly scheduled time for courses taught from 1530 to 1620 on Tuesdays. ( See the university exam schedule.)

Topics Covered

  1. The curricula in computing at USC (1 hour)
  2. The job market and employment trends in computing and IT (1 hour)
  3. Trends in computing—hardware, devices, HCI, software, and the web (5 hours)
  4. Research methodology in computing (1 hour)
  5. Research topics in computing at USC (2 hours)
  6. Lectures from the real world (3 hours)
The syllabus in the table below is subject to change.

DayTopic Homework
(1) January 12Computing curricula at USC TBD
(2) January 19 The job market and employment trends in computing and IT TBD
(3) January 26 Colloquium talk by Dr. Csilla Farkas on computer security and information assurance TBD
(4) February 2 Artificial Intelligence TBD
(5) February 9 Presentation by Ms. Helen Fields of the Career Center on resumes, etc. TBD
(6) February 16 Presentation by Dr. Jason Bakos on Trends in the Infrastructure of Computing TBD
(7) February 23 Talk by Dr. Jason O'Kane on robotics TBD
(8) March 2 Research Methodology in Computing TBD
March 9 Spring Break NA
(9) March 16 Bayesian Networks TBD
(10) March 23 Logic Programming TBD
(11) March 30 Functional Programming TBD
(12) April 6 Lecture by Dr. Homayoun Valafar on Bioinformatics TBD
(13) April 13 Lecture from the real world: Steve Dryden (details to follow) TBD
(14) April 20 Lecture from the real world: David Dunn (details to follow) TBD