CSCE 190 Fall 2018 Syllabus (subject to change)

There is no textbook for this course.

The first day of classes is Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The last day of drop-add is Wednesday, August 29, 2018. The last day to withdraw without failure is Monday, October 15, 2018. The last day of classes is Tuesday, December 4. There will be no final exam for this course. See here for the fall 2018 academic calendar.
Phones, tablets, laptops, and similar devices must be turned off during class.

The syllabus in the table below is subject to change.

Welcome by the Department Chair, Prof. Matt Thatcher. Welcome by officers of student organizations (ctd.)
(1) August 28 Welcome by officers of student organizations: ACM Student Chapter, IEEE Student Chapter, Carolina Gamers Club, Cybersecurity Club, Minorities in Computing, Women in Computing. Welcome by Mr. Brown Blake, First-Year Academic Advisor and Amanda Torrence, staff advisor for Computing Majors. Why Study Computing?
(2) September 4 Trends on the Infrastructure of Computing
(3) September 11 Class canceled due to inclement weather.
(4) September 18 Presentation by Ms. Kathryn Kinniburgh of the USC Career Center: Preparing for the Career Fair (confirmed)
(5) September 25 Matt Simmons, Digital Humanities. (Earlier in the day:STEM Majors Career Fair at the Columbia Convention Center.)
(6) October 2 Bob Adams, Senior Director, Capgemini North America: "Computing in the Insurance Industry" (confirmed)
(7) October 9 Presentation by Mr. Jerrold Heyman: "Life in Industry" (confirmed).
(8) October 16 Blake Brown and Amanda Torrence, First-Year Advisors: Q&A on advisement for first-year students. Presentation on blockchain, with a simple implementation in Python.
(9) October 23 Talk by Paul Sagona and Ben Torkian: "Support for Research Computing: the University of South Carolina Research Computing Program" (confirmed).
(10) October 30 Talk by Prof. Duncan Buell: "First Year English as Big Data: Analyzing written text regarding revision and use of linguistic features" (confirmed)
(11) November 6 No class (Election Day)
(12) November 13 Presentation by Chris King of IDV Inc., the Creators of Speedtree (confirmed).
(13) November 20 Presentation by Chris Pierson of SCANA Corp: Computing in the Electric Utility Industry (confirmed).
(14) November 27 Presentation by Marco Valtorta: "Judea Pearl, 2011 ACM A.M. Turing Award"
(15) December 4 "How Does Watson Work? A Very Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" (to be confirmed). Course evaluation.