CSCE 190 Spring 2016: Syllabus (subject to change)

There is no textbook for this course.

The first day of classes is Tuesday, August 23, 2016. The last day to withdraw without failure is Monday, October 10, 2016. There will be no final exam for this course. You may therefore ignore the remainder this paragraph. The final exam for this course is scheduled to be Tuesday, December 6, at 1930, in the classroom. This is the regularly scheduled time for courses taught from 1800 to 1850 on Tuesdays. (See the university exam schedule.) See here (html version) or here (pdf version) for the fall 2016 academic calendar.

The syllabus in the table below is subject to change.

(1) August 23Welcome by the Department Chair, Prof. Manton M. Matthews. Welcome by officers of student organizations: Viraj Patel, ACM student chapter, Alyssa Shofner, Women in Computing, Judson James, Carolina Gamers Club. Welcome by Ms. Tiffany Lide, First-Year Academic Advisor. Why Study Computing?
(2) August 30 Trends on the Infrastructure of Computing
(3) September 6 Presentation by Ms. Emma Waugh of the USC Career Center: Preparing for the Career Fair (confirmed)
(4) September 13 Talk by Prof. Duncan Buell on Digital Humanities: "Digital Humanities: The Undiscovered Country?"
(5) September 20 Tiffany Lide, M.Ed., First-Year advisor: Q&A on advisement for first-year students (confirmed).
(6) September 27 Dr. Mary K. Harris, Savannah River National Laboratory, "SRNL Scientific Computing---Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going!" (confirmed)
(7) October 4 Talk by Phil Moore and Paul Sagona: "Support for Research Computing: the University of South Carolina Research Cyberinfrastructure Program" (confirmed).
(8) October 11 Presentation by Mr. Jerrold Heyman: "Life in Industry" (confirmed).
(9) October 18 Presentation by Dr. Yoannis Rekleitis of USC on Robotics (confirmed).
(10)October 25 Talk by Dr. Gregory Gay on Software Engineering (confirmed)
(11) November 1 Presentation by Chris Pierson of SCANA Corporation: "Computing from an Electric and Gas Utility Perspective" (confirmed).
(12) November 15 "How Does Watson Work? A Very Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
(13) November 22 Lecture on programming language paradigms
(15) November 29 Lecture on programming language paradigms, ctd. Course evaluation.