CSCE 190 (Fall 2016): Lecture Log

August 23 (Tue), 2016 Welcome by Prof. Manton Matthews, department chair. Presentations by Viraj Paterl on the ACM student chapter, by Alyssa Shofner on the Women in Computing Group, and by Judson James on the Carolina Gamers Club. Presentation by Ms. Tiffany Lide, First-Year Academic Advisor. Administrative information: syllabus, grading policy; there is no textbook for this course. Jobs in computing and academic subfields of computing: brief introduction.

August 30 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by the instructor of "Trends in the Infrastructure of Computing" by Dr. Jason Bakos.

September 6 (Tue), 2015 HW2 assigned, due October 11, 2016. Presentation by Ms. Emma Waugh of the USC Career Center (CEC Satellite Office).

September 13 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by Prof. Duncan Buell of the University of South Carolina on the field of Digital Humanities, with a discussion of the First-Year English and Ward One projects.

September 20 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by Ms. Tiffany Lide, College of Engineering and Computing First-Year Advisor. Questions and Answers. The last fifteen minutes of the class were devoted to an example of "technological permeation" (as defined in: James H. Moor. "What is Computer Ethics?" Metaphilosophy, 16, 4 (October 1985), 266-275, available at how computing has affected the definition of money. We listened to approximately the first ten minutes of today's edition of the BBC World Service radio show "The Inquiry," entitled "WHo Wins in a Cashless Economy?" See and

September 27(Tue), 2016 Presentation by Dr. Mary K. Harris of Savannah River National Laboratory.

October 4 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by Paul Segona and Ben Torkien on High Performance Computing at the University of South Carolina.

October 11 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by Dr. Jerrold Heyman of Dell EMC.

October 18 (Tue), 2016 Presentation on Trends in Robotics by Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis of the University of South Carolina.

October 25 (Tue), 2016 Brief presentation of the IEEE student chapter by Mr. Andrew Wunderlich. Presentation on Trends in Software Engineering by Dr. Gregory Gay of the University of South Carolina.

November 1 (Tue), 2016 Presentation by Mr. Chris Pierson, IT Manager, SCANA Corporation: "Computing from an Electric and Gas Utility Perspective."

November 15 (Tue), 2016 Presentation on Artificial Intelligence and the Watson Question-Answering System.

November 22 (Tue), 2016 The Turing test, Searle's Chinese Room argument, Levesque's Summation Room argument. Presentation on Programming Language Paradigms through Euclid's GCD algorithm in the functional language Scheme.

November 29 (Tue), 2016 There will be no final for this class. Submit HW1, if you have not done so! Programming Language Paradigms, concluded. Student course evaluation.