Points for each assignment
  1. HW1. Write an essay about definitions of Computer Science. Search for several of them. Choose at least three of them. Write a 3-page essay, double-spaced, in 12-point font, in which you describe the definitions you chose, compare them, and conclude with an argument for one of the three definitions and, if you like, your own improvements to that definition. References must be listed after the conclusion and cited in the main text. Quote appropriately. Do not plagiarize!

    Three definitions: 3 points
    Three pages: 3 points
    Concluding argument: 1 point
    Length and format: 1 point
    Citations and references: 2 points
    Total: 15 points
  2. HW2.
    2 points for registering on Jobmate.
    2 points for each of company overview and position overview.
    3 points for resume.
    4 points for half-page essay on what you need to learn or do to be competitive for the position you apply to.
    4 points for the essay describing your visit to the career fair (or the replacement activity).
    17 points total.