Recruiting Students

The Software and Systems Security Research Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina is recruiting multiple PhD students, master student, and summer interns.

The research of our lab mainly focuses on but is not limited to the following topics/directions:

Recruiting PhD students:

The PhD students will be fully funded with competitive assistantship.

Any students with background on the computer system, machine learning, or good programming skills are encouraged to apply.

Requirements for students: excellent coding skills and passion in research; GPA >= 3.2/4 (or top 20% in the class); Toefl >= 80 (or IELTS >= 6.5); GRE Q>=165 V>=150 (we can slightly lower the requirements on GRE and GPA if you are distinguished in other aspects, such as coding and research).

If interested, please send your CV, GPA, transcripts, and English scores to Dr. Lisa Luo lluo (at) or Dr. Qiang Zeng

Please read the admission requirements and apply here.

The deadlines are:

Recruiting Master Students and Undergraduate Students:

If you are currently studying in USC and interested in the Software and Systems Security research, please drop your CV at lluo (at) to introduce yourself.


Contact Information

Rm 2245
Storey Innovation Center
Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Carolina
Email: lluo (at) cse (dot) sc (dot) edu