All News:

12/06/21 Our work that enables dynamic symbolic execution of smart apps is accepted at ACSAC'21.

12/11/20 I've received the 2020 Young Investigator Research Award in College of Engineering and Computing at University of South Carolina.

08/04/20 I've received an NSF SaTC grant "Semantics-Oriented Binary Code Analysis Learning from Recent Advances in Deep Learning." Thanks NSF!

07/28/20 Our work about secure and usable IoT pairing is accepted at CCS'20.

11/29/19 One paper "Heap Memory Snapshot Assisted Program Analysis for Android Permission Specification" is accepted at SANER'20.

07/11/19 A novel IoT authentication work is accepted at MobiCom'19.

05/29/19 Our work that detects adversarial examples and also rectifies the classfication results is accepted at RAID'19.

04/25/19 My CRII proposal is funded by NSF. Thank you NSF!

03/04/19 Our work that patches ALL heap vulnerabilities without changing the binary code is accepted at DSN'19.

03/04/19 Our work that detects audio adversarial examples at accuracies over 99% is accepted at DSN'19.

01/25/19 Our paper "A Cross-Architecture Instruction Embedding Model for Natural Language Processing-Inspired Binary Code Analysis" is accepted at the NDSS Workshop on Binary Analysis Research.

11/28/18 Our paper "A Multiversion Programming Inspired Approach to Detecting Audio Adversarial Examples" is accepted at the AAAI Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security.

11/06/18 Our paper "Neural Machine Translation Inspired Binary Code Similarity Comparison beyond Function Pairs" is accepted at NDSS'19, see you in San Diego!

09/04/18 Our SaTC proposal is funded by NSF. Thank you NSF!

04/30/18 I received the ASPIRE I award.

10/31/17 Our work that builds resilient repackaging-detection capability into mobile apps through binary code instrumentation is accepted at CGO'18.

06/19/17 We have opensourced our tool for Symbolic Execution of Android Framework (presented in MobiSys'17).

02/25/17 Symbolic Execution of Android Framework for Vulnerability Discovery and Exploit Generation is accepted at MobiSys'17.

12/22/16 Our paper "Semantics-Based Obfuscation-Resilient Binary Code Similarity Comparison with Applications to Software and Algorithm Plagiarism Detection" is accepted at TSE'17.

02/29/16 SSN, which builds a reliable and stealthy repackage-proofing capability into Android apps, is accepted at DSN'16.

01/22/16 SolMiner, which automatically mines distinct solutions from programs, is accepted at ICSE'16.

11/21/14 Best Paper Award Nomination: Our FSE ’14 paper was nominated for the best paper award. FSE is one of two finest conferences in the field of software engineering.

06/16/14 CoP, a binary-oriented, obfuscation-resilient software plagiarism detection method, is accepted at FSE'14.