CSCE552 - Computer Game Development -- Fall 2012

Instructor:    Jijun Tang
Phone:  777-8923 Email:  jtang at
Office:  SWGN 3A59 Class location:  SWGN 2A27
Office Hours:   MW 1:30PM- 2:45PM (or by appointment)   Meeting times: MWF 12:20PM- 1:10PM
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Class Notes

08/24/12, 08/27/12, 08/29/12 09/06/12, 09/17/12, 09/20/12, 10/01/12, 10/03/12, 10/05/12, 10/08/12, 10/10/12, 10/12/12, 10/15/12, 10/22/12, 10/24/12, 11/02/12, 11/05/12, 11/12/12, 11/14/12, 11/16/12, 11/19/12, 11/26/12

Text Books

Languages, Game Engines, Others

We will use Unity (you can obtain it free online from, the language of choice is C#. You need to use other software. For 2D graph, you need to use photoshop (if you have one) or paintshop or gimp. For 3D modeling, 3D Canvas pro ($65 for full version) or Blender (free) are all good candidates.

Course Description

In this course we will study technologies involved in the creation of computer games. The course will emphasize hands-on development of games. Students are required to work as a group to design and implement a computer game, using public available game engines (DXFramework, for example). A showcase open to the whole department will be organized at the end of the semester.

Course Objectives

On the completion of this course, students will be able to:

Topics Covered

We will cover the following topics in the class:


C or better in CSCE240, 245 and 350.


There will be one big project in the semester, and at the end of the semester, you need to finish a complex project starting from design to testing. The design of the final project will be started earlier in the semester, and each group (of four people) will give at least three presentations.

Grade is given based on: 25% for all presentations, 65% for the final project, 30% for homework, and 5% for attendance.


Attendance is mandatory and I will randomly give 5 quizzes, missing any quiz will lower your final score by one point.


Each one student will get a new CSE account if he/she doesn't have one yet. This account enables you to use some CSE machines to code and debug.

Reading and Lectures

Students are expected to read all assigned materials before the lecture begins. There will be no slides for you to download. However, I will upload some other materials to the web if necessary.


All due dates are strictly enforced.

Academic Honesty

Projects and examination work are expected to be the sole effort of the student submitting the work (of course, exclude the group project). Students are expected to follow the Code of Student Academic Responsibility found in the Carolina Community and should expect that every instance of a suspected violation will be reported. Students found guilty of violations of the Code will be subject to academic penalities under the Code in addition to whatever disciplinary sanctions are applied.

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding of the concept of "your own work." In addition to the USC Code, some good sources of text for what is or is not acceptable behavior are the academic honesty policy statement from Harvey Mudd College, the policy statement from Professor Steven Huss-Lederman at Beloit College, and the text of part of the collaboration policy statement from MIT.

A sample first-offense admission can be found at admission.

Proper Use of Computing Resources

Students are expected to be aware of the university policy on use of computing resources, including the Student Guidelines for Responsible Computing, as well as the college and departmental policies on proper use of computing resources. Every instance of a suspected violation will be reported. Students should be aware that neither the instructor nor the department are responsible for making alternative arrangements should improper use leading to revocation of access to departmental or college resources make it impossible for you to complete the programming assignments on time.

On the nature of academic work

Students might also find relevant an essay from a professor at Georgia Tech.