Jason O'Kane

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Carolina

Storey Innovation Center 2229
550 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29208
+1-803-777-1791 (office)

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My research is broadly related to planning problems in robotics.


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2019-03-21 Our new project on structured narrative observation was featured in a recent new story. [Scienmag] [U. Houston] [Science X] [ECN]
2019-03-21 It's an honor to receive the Distinguished Research Service Award from the UofSC Office of Research.


2018-11-16 Jeremy Lewis successfully defended his dissertation.
Algorithms for Robot Coverage under Movement and Sensing Constraints
2017-12-12 A recent article from the SECU highlights my research with Dylan Shell.
2017-12-06 I was invited to address the USC Faculty Senate, to discuss my experience writing A Gentle Introduction to ROS specifically, and the creation of open education resources generally.
2017-07-24 Marios Xanthidis was featured in this article on the Greek language website eirinika.gr.
2017-03-11 Interviews with me and some colleagues about our graduate programs aired on ETV Andhra Pradesh, a Telugu-language Indian television station.


2017-03-11 The research of my Ph.D. student Jeremy Lewis was featured in an article in The Patriot.
2016-04-06 Nick Stiffler successfully defended his dissertation.
Visibility-Based Pursuit-Evasion in the Plane
Nick was also named by the department as the Outstanding Graduate Instructor for 2015-2016 academic year. Congratulations!
2015-11-13 Yang Song successfully defended his dissertation.
Constrained Geometric Approximation Algorithm for Robot Planning and Distributed Multi-Robot Formation Algorithm
2015-04-17 The USC Office of Research named me a "Breakthrough Star" for 2015, which means (a) some nice recognition, (b) a small, vaguely obelisk-like award, and (c) a free dinner.
2015-03-02 It was an honor for me to give a short course on "Automated Filtering and Planning for Simple Robots" in the Seventh Winter School on Computational Geometry at Amirkabir University in Tehran.
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