Temporal Logic Planning

A hospital, in which a delivery robot is tasked to deliver first aid items to emergency and primary care departments, deliver medicine to pharmacy, and visit the maintenance section. There are several soft constraints on how the robot to do its task.

A race car traveling around a circular track, which has five sections. The car's goal is to circle the track repeatedly, visiting the pit p infinitely often to refuel. The car has three kinds of speeds, slow, medium, and fast. We impose soft constraints on the car' speed in each of those sections of the track.


Temporal logics have become very useful tools for planning in robotics. This is because such logics, in one hand, are simple and intuitive for humans to use for specifying complex missions and tasks, and in the other hand, are precise and rigorous for robot algorithms to manipulate. This project considers temporal logic planning with soft constraints and in the context of using robots to make chronicle of events that happen in stochastic environments.


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