CSCE 520
Homework 6

Due November 2, 2017

Undergrads and graduate students -- do Exercises 5.3.1(a,b,c), 6.6.1(a,b), 11.1.2, 11.2.2, 11.3.1(a,b), 11.3.2.

Graduate students only -- do Exercise 5.3.1(d,e), 6.6.1(c,d).

NOTE: Exercise 6.6.1 is not an Oracle exercise. Use the flavor of SQL given in the book and submit your hand-written answer with the others at or before the beginning of class. Each of your answers should be one or more SQL statements surrounded by high-level pseudocode. Be sure to group your SQL statements and queries into transactions as appropriate, as if there were others who may be querying/updating the database concurrently.