CSCE 727: Information Warfare

Spring 2017

Instructor: Csilla Farkas

Class time: Tuesday, Thursday 11:40 am 12:55 pm

Classroom: SWRG 2A11


Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): CSCE 522 or permission of instructor


Course objectives:

The objective of the course is to provide the students with an understanding of information warfare principles and technologies.  This course is intended to be appropriate for a broad range of professionals interested in information security.  The main units of the proposed course are: 1) basic information warfare concepts, 2) offensive information warfare, and 3) defensive information warfare.  Vulnerability and risk analysis methods and current information warfare technologies are presented.  In addition to cyber security, physical security, ethics, and legal considerations are also addressed during the course.


Basic Bibliography


         D. Denning: Information Warfare and Security (Addison Wesley, 1998, ISBN: 0201433036)

         Online reading assignments


Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 10:30 11:30 am; or by appointment




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         Homework 3: Due: February 23, 2017 midnight

         Homework 4: Due: March 7, 2017 midnight

         Homework 5: Due: March 30, 2017 midnight

         Homework 6 14: Due dates listed on Lecture page, 11:00 am each day

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