University of South Carolina

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


CSCE 522 Information Security Principles

Fall 2023



Sections 001/H10: Tuesday, Thursday 1:15 – 2:30 pm

Section J60:  APOGEE class


Instructor:                       Csilla Farkas

Office:                            Horizon II, 2253

Office Hours:                 Via MS Teams, Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 am – 9:00 am and in-person Tuesday. Thursday 4:05 – 4:35 pm


Class homepage:  

Graduate TA:                 Nihang Fu

Office: Horizon II, RM 2240

Office Hours: TBA



Academic Bulletin Description:

Threats to information resources and appropriate countermeasures. Cryptography, identification and authentication, access control models and mechanisms, multilevel database security, steganography, Internet security, and intrusion detection and prevention.


Prerequisites: CSCE 146; MATH 374 or MATH 174


Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course, students will be able to:

1.      Identify common risks, threats, and countermeasures related to computing systems.

2.      Apply knowledge of computer security to personal computer use.

3.      Analyze computing situations with respect to security risks, threats, and countermeasures, including the tradeoffs between security and system functionality.

4.      Work with others to design and/or implement security measures.


Text Books

1.      Charles P.Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, Security in Computing (5th Edition) (Hardcover), Prentice Hall PTR; ISBN: 9780134085043

2.      Online resources from publicly available or UofSC licensed resources


Course Overview

Lectures slides, homework and project assignments, and announcements will be posted in MS Teams.  All class assignments and tests will be handled electronically.  Students expected to use MS Teams and the website for class related materials and assignment submissions. 


Communication: Responses to email communication and questions will be provided within 2 workdays.


Assignment Grading: Grades for assignments will be returned within a week of due date (assuming the assignment is turned in on time).


Test Grading: Grades for tests will be returned within 72 hours of due date.



Students will be able to use any platform and technology to work on the assignments and the class project. 




Assignments contribution to the final grade:

Quizzes: 10%, Homework assignments: 40%, Midterm: 20%Final exam: 30%


Undergraduate students will have 100 possible points.  Final grade will be assigned based on the percentage of points achieved by the students as follows.


Final grade:                    A  = ≥ 90%                   C = 70-74%

(undergraduates)            B+= 85-89%                   D+= 65-69%

B = 80-84%                   D = 60-64%

C+= 75-79%                   F = < 60%


Graduate students will have 120 possible points.  Final grade will be assigned based on the percentage of points achieved by the students as follows.


Final grade:                    A  = ≥ 90%                   C = 70-74%

(graduates)                     B+= 85-89%                   D+= 65-69%

B = 80-84%                   D = 60-64%

C+= 75-79%                   F = < 60%


Course Policies

Attendance: The course will be delivered online. It may be accessed either synchronously or asynchronously via the web. There is no expectation of physical attendance. 

Tardiness, late assignments: homework is due at midnight on the due date (submitted via Late assignments will be charged 20% per day. Dates for the exams are announced at the beginning of the semester and posted in the MS Team folder for the class.  Students must complete the exams as scheduled unless impeding circumstances outside of their control.  Such circumstances must be clearly documented.

Policy on disabilities or special needs: Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Students, you have a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in this class, contact the Student Disability Resource Center:  803-777-6142, TDD 803-777-6744, email , or stop by LeConte College Room 112A. All accommodations must be approved through the Office of Student Disability Services.   See


Violations of academic honesty: Homework assignments and exams are expected to be the sole effort of the student submitting the work. All students are expected to practice the highest possible standards of academic integrity. Any deviation from this expectation will result in a minimum academic penalty of your failing the assignment and will result in additional disciplinary measures including referring you to the Office of Academic Integrity. Violations of the University's Honor Code include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, falsification, complicity, and any other form of academic misrepresentation. For more information, see


Diversity: To learn, we must be open to the views of people different that ourselves. In this time we share together over the semester, please honor the uniqueness of your fellow classmates and appreciate the opportunity we have to learn from one another. Please respect each other’s opinions and refrain from personal attacks or demeaning comments of any kind. Finally, remember to keep confidential all issues of a personal or professional nature that are discussed in class.







Week 1:            Introduction and course overview; Cybersecurity Education


Week 2:            Basic Security Concepts


Week 3:            Cryptography 1 – Symmetric Key Encryption


Week 4:            Cryptography 2Public Key Encryption; Cryptographic Protocols Analysis


Week 6:            Identification and Authentication,; Cryptographic Protocols Analysis 


Week 8:            Access Control Models; DAC, RBAC, MAC; Midterm review


Week 9:            Access Control for IoT


Week 10:          Database Security


Week 11:          Secure Data Analytics


Week 12:          Secure Software Development: Best Practices


Week 13:          Network security; Firewalls, Intrusion Detection


Week 14:          Legal and Economic Aspect of Cybersecurity


Week 15:          TBA


Week 16:          TBA


Week 16:          TBA