Data and Application Security Laboratory

Director: Csilla Farkas,


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Current Students

John Ravan,

Theppatorn Rhujittawiwat,


Recent Graduates

Dr. Ahmed Saaudi, 2019

Dr. Hatim Alsuwat, 2019

Dr. Emad Alsuwat, 2019

Dr. Mouiad AlWahal, 2018

Dr. Mark Daniels, 2017













Current research topics of the students and faculty affiliated with the Information Security Laboratory (ISL) can be categorized in the following areas: 1) Data security and privacy, 2) Security for IoT systems, 3) Adversarial attacks against machine learning systems, and 4) Semantics-based data provenance and integrity for HPC.


PH.D. Graduates



Title or Topic

Hatim Alsuwat


Cybersecurity Issues in the Context of Cryptographic Shuffling Algorithms and Concept Drift: Challenges and Solutions. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Faculty, Iraq)

Ahmed Saaudi


Insiderís Misuse Detection: From Hidden Markov Model to Deep Learning. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Faculty, Saudi Arabia)

Emad Alsuwat


Challenges in Large-Scale Machine Learning Systems: Security and Correctness. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Faculty, Saudi Arabia)

Mouiad AlWahal


Semantic-Based Access Control Mechanisms in Dynamic Environments. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Faculty, Iraq)

Mark Daniels


Ontology-Guided Pre-Release Inference Disruption. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Director of IT Systems, Medical University of South Carolina)

Annamaria Victoria Kish


Efficient Partitioning and Allocation of Data for Workflow Compositions. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at


Aspen Olmstead

2014 (Ph.D.)

Web Service Transaction Correctness. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Professor and Program Director of Information Technology at Fisher College

Melrose, Massachusetts)

Sidney Valentine

2013 (Ph.D.)

PLC Code Vulnerabilities Through SCADA Systems. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Vice President, Academic Affairs and Student Services, South Florida State College)

Ousmane Dia

2012 (Ph.D.)

Access Control Frameworks for Rapidly Evolving Business Enterprise. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Research Scientist, Amazon)

Maryam Jafari-Lafti

2010 (Ph.D.)

P2F: A User-Centric Privacy Protection Framework. (Doctoral dissertation). Available at

(Currently: Senior Lead | Cyber Risk at Deloitte Canada Deloitte, Canada)

Amit Jain

2008 (Ph.D.)

RDF Security

(Currently: Graph BigData Researcher and Developer for Health Care domain, Hyderabad, India)

Vaibhav Gowadia

2007 (Ph.D.)

Semantic-Aware XML Security

(Currently: Security Engineer II at Amazon

Seattle, Washington)

Tyrone Toland

2005 (Ph.D.)

Inference Problem in Dynamic Databases

(Currently: Professor, University of South Carolina, Upstate)

Naren Kodali

2004 (Ph.D.)

Enforcing Semantics-Aware Security in Multimedia Documents

(Currently: IT Security Architecture and Compliance/Audit Consultant, Faculty at Stratford University)

Andrei Stoica

2004 (Ph.D.)

Integrated Security Framework for Semantically Enhanced Semi-Structured Data

(Currently: Vice President, Global Systems Development at IMS Health, Philadelphia)


Previous research topics on secure semantic web; vehicular ad-hoc networks; database inference problem; and secure, anonymous self-organizing systems can be found here.