University of South Carolina

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


CSCE 548 Building Secure Software

Summer 2016 July 5- 28

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 10:30 am

Swearingen 2A05



Instructor: Csilla Farkas

Office: Swearingen 3A43

Office Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2:30 3:30 pm or electronically any time or by appointment

Telephone: 576-5762


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Prerequisites: Upper classman standing


Course Description: The objectives of this course are to expose students to techniques and practices related to secure software development and integration. The focus is practical with discussions on why and how mechanisms ensure security, what level of security is provided, and how hostile adversaries might violate the mechanisms. Programming flaws, methods to avoid and correct flaws, and economic cost of software bugs are also addressed.






Homework Assignments:






FINAL EXAM -- JULY 29, 8:30 11:00 AM




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