CSCE 102
Sections 1, 2, 3 and 7, 8, 9
Catherine T. Matthews

Email: ctm at

Second Continued Operations Revised Syllabus Spring 2020

Welcome to our online 102 class! We did not expect this, wish things were different and will all do the best that we can. I hope that you and your family are safe and well and following the CDC guidelines. Please remember that your health is most important.

We have modified this course to move forward as an online class. We are still here to help you. If you have any concerns or need help please contact me. You will also still have the help of your lab instructor and the lab monitors and even other lab instructors. Together we will get through these difficult times. Remember we are here to help you.

Home - 782-6350
Office hours: MW 9:00-10:30 Sumwalt You are always welcome to email or call.

We have removed Test 2 and the Final Exam and increased the percentages of the labs, the project, and the HW/quizzes. Quizzes will be posted on Blackboard. We will put lectures on Blackboard, increase the number of handouts posted to explain the material, post homework and quizzes on our class webpage and/or blackboard. You will need to look at both. We are encouraging you to ask if you have questions. We will do our best to keep up with the high volume of email.

The new percentages are:
Test1 15% (You have already taken this test and we have not changed the percentage.), (If you were sick for test 1 and need to take a makeup test please email me.)
Labs 35%, (We increased the percentage by 5%)
Project 15 %, (We are starting the project earlier, assigning it in increments and increased the percentage by 10%)
HW/quizzes 35% (Still dropping the lowest grade) (We increased the percentage by 20%)

Lab monitors are still providing help with debugging your code. We will post a schedule of monitors including when and how each monitor will be available.

If you have problems with your internet connection or other concerns please contact me.


Your instructor can see everything on your X drive (called the Home drive on the desktop). All files for lab assignments must be on your X drive in order to be graded.

Attendance is required for both lecture and lab.

No work is accepted after the last class. Therefore no lab assignments are accepted after the last lab.

Remember to take your class notes and your textbook to lab.

If you are having trouble or have questions, come and get some help. We have lots of nice 101/102 folks willing to help you.

   Your Academic Responsibilities  

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This class meets Two lectures and One lab a week.
Lecture - Location Sumwalt 305
Lecture sections - 4,5,6 MW 10:50 - 11:40
Lecture Sections - 7,8,9 MW 1:10 - 2:00

Labs - Location Sumwalt 361
Section 4 F 9:40 am - 10:30 am Jiandong Wang
Section 5 F10:50 am - 11:40 am Denise Davis
Section 6 R 11:40 am-12:30 am Noah Geveke
Section 7 F12:00 noon - 12:50 pm Adem Coskun
Section 8 F1:10 pm - 2:00 pm Halee Aiken
Section 9 R 1:150pm - 2:05 pm Jiandong Wang

The average of your lab assignments must be a 60 or better to pass the class.
Attendance is required.

Link to the USC Exam Schedule Fall 2019
Link to the USC Official Academic Calendar Fall 2019
Link to the Applied Computing Minor

Course Description

As given in the USC Undergraduate Bulletin:  Introduction to systematic computer problem-solving and programming for variety of applications.

Required Textbook

Basics of Web Design: HTML5 and CSS3,   Fourth Edition ,  by Terry Felke-Morris

We will also be using resources from the web for JavaScript including W3schools.

You will need a flash drive to back up your files


A: 90-100, B+: 87-89, B: 80-86, C+: 77-79, C: 70-76, D+: 67-69, D: 60-66, F: <60

Tests                30%
Final Exam     20%
Lab                  30%
Project            5%

Test1 15%, Labs 35%, Project 15 %, HW/quizzes 35% (drop lowest HW/quiz grade)

Lab Grades

You must pass the lab portion of the course with a grade of 60 or better in order to pass the class.

Academic Honesty

The University of South Carolina and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering take a strong stand against cheating. Anyone caught cheating in this course will receive a grade of F and the incident will be reported, which may result in further disciplinary action.  You are allowed to ask for help in the labs and on certain parts of projects and homework; but do your own work. Don't let anyone do it for you. Do not turn in someone else's work as your own or give work to another student. It could be be turned in as their work. The student that gives the work is as guilty as the student that takes the work. The University of South Carolina's Rule of Academic Responsibility states:

It is the responsibility of every student at the University of South Carolina Columbia to adhere steadfastly to truthfulness and to avoid dishonesty, fraud, or deceit of any type in connection with any academic program. Any student who violates this rule or who knowingly assists another to violate this rule shall be subject to discipline...

Read more about the Rule of Academic Responsibility at

As a student, member of the faculty or staff at the University of South Carolina you are a member of the Carolina Community and are therefore obligated to adhere to the Carolinian Creed.

Responsible Use of Computer Resources

The University of South Carolina has a strong policy against computer abuse. Students are expected to act responsibly using computers. This includes obeying all applicable laws regarding copyright and harassment. See the Student Guidelines for Responsible Computing at

Attendance is required.

Attendance is required for both lecture and lab. Do not schedule appointments, etc., during class time. An advisement appointment is not an excuse for missing class. If you have a job, do not schedule your work hours during class time. Like lecture, lab attendance is required. If you are sick and need to miss lab, email your lab instructor as soon as possible and as soon as you are better take your medical excuse to your lab instructor during his office hours.

Absence from more than 10 percent of the scheduled class sessions, whether excused or unexcused, is excessive ... USC's Attendance Policy - after clicking scroll down

If it is necessary for you to be absent for three or more labs email/talk with both your lab and lecture instructors.


Homework is always due at the beginning of class. Homework is never accepted by email.


The lab is required. Attendance will be taken. You must pass the lab portion of the course with a grade of 60 or better in order to pass the class. It is your responsibility to keep back-up copies of all of your work throughout the semester. A flash drive is recommended for this. Be careful not to leave your flash drive or printouts in the lab, or forget to log out, leaving your work for others to find. Never share files, USB memory, passwords, etc. Never give anyone a copy of your files. The work that you are graded on is to be your work.

Open Lab hours

There are two labs available for you to use outside of your assigned lab time. Rooms 361 and 244 will be open and a lab monitor will be available to answer questions. The lab hours will be posted on the web and on the lab doors.

Your Disk Space

You are given some disk space on the X drive (also called H drive) on the Sumwalt network. Your files must be on the X drive and you must turn in a printed copy of the code to receive a grade. Your instructors can see everything on your X drive but cannot put anything there or change anything. Always work from the X drive while in the lab and back up your files to your flash drive before you leave. The X drive is backed up frequently. Emailing an html file as an attachment may change the code. Lab assignments are not accepted by email; they must be on the X drive before the deadline to be graded.

Last Deadline

No work/lab assignments are accepted after the last class.

Text Editors

Your code is to be written using a text editor. We use start the semester using SciTE in the lab. It's free and can be downloaded on your home computer. SciTE You can just lownload and open the folder; you don't need to install. You can also use notepad. Mac users can use TextEdit -set format to Plain Text and under Open and Save, check the box next to Ignore rich text commands in HTML files. We will later use Brackets which is also free. Never use code that has been in a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

Make-up test

If you have an excused absence for a test; there will be one cumulative make-up test scheduled near the end of the semester. There are no make-up quizzes. At least one quiz/homework grade will be dropped.


There are no make-up quizzes. One quiz grade will be dropped.

Accommodating Disabilities

We try hard to accommodate students with disabilities. Information is available at the Student Disability Resource Center, located in LeConte, Room 112A. Don't hesitate to contact them; they will guide you through the process. Phone - (803) 777-6142, TDD - (803) 777-6744, email- Link to Student Disability Resource Center

General Information

Read: What Every College Student Needs to Know

More about Grades from Newsweek: Making the Grade, by Kurk Wiesenfeld, GA Tech.

Cell phones are disruptive during class. As in all classes, please remember to turn all cell phones off and keep them turned off classroom. This is our class rule. So no using your phone or smart watch during class. If something is going on and you are expecting an important text/call, just let me know before class.

No texting during class. As during all classes, there is to be no texting, facebooking, surfing, etc. during class. Don't use your cell phone during class (both lecture and lab). During open lab hours you can text.

If you lose your flash drive, books, jacket ... and think that you may have left them in Sumwalt (lab or lecture room) ask in Sumwalt room 340.