October 2020

Pathways to Professions Events

The Career Center is hosting two upcoming “Pathways to Professions” virtual events. These events are UofSC exclusive and will allow students to learn more about Vanguard (Wednesday, October 28th at 1:30) and Capgemini (Wednesday, November 11th at noon) and their internship / new graduate programs.

Undergraduate Honor Thesis Funding

I am looking for an undergraduate who would like to do their Honors thesis project on "Analyzing the Connection between Surface Freshwater Lenses and Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico using Satellite Observations and Model simulations".

I have funding to support this project for Spring and Summer 2021. Interested students must be a Junior/Senior Honors student and interested in Satellite Oceanographyocean modelling and an excellent programming experience with Matlab.

Homeland Security Professional Opportunities for Student Workforce to Experience Research (HS-POWER)

  • Are you a student looking for a professional opportunity to learn about homeland security related research to enhance your research interests and career goals?
  • Do you want to learn from top scientists and subject matter experts in homeland security disciplines and areas of research?
  • Do you want to network with your peers and members of the academic and scientific communities in government facilities conducting research in DHS relevant areas?

If you answered “Yes”, to the above questions, the HS-POWER program is for you!

Web Developer for Tenet Wealth Management

Our firm is looking for developers with a strong understanding of javascript and basic web principles as well as familiarity with React or Angular.

You will be working with other developers to create components for a user-facing web app that will be communicating with a RESTful API powered by the flask python library as well as a mySQL database.

Familiarity with SQL, linux VPS, python (flask), and CSS is a plus but not required.