September 2018

USC Paid Research Assistant Position in Data Science

I am looking for a graduate research assistant who joined the USC at 2018 (not before) with minimum GPA 3.3 to work 10 hours/week for $15/hour (total ~$1200) from Oct 8 to Dec 3. Please send me an email, attach your unofficial transcript and your CV, answer the following questions.

Get Fast-Tracked for 2019 Jobs & Internships with IBM Through Uncubed

Interested in meeting experts at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning, and landing a job or internship with the company at the forefront of it all?

IBM & Uncubed are bringing together students looking for full-time opportunities in 2019 to learn about the future of AI: from reducing environmental pollution and predicting weather patterns to protecting public safety and personalizing education practices.

Capgemini Columbia Internships for Fall

I am looking for two interns for my cloud practice with CS background, with strong penchant for programming. They will work on Alexa/Google Home Skills, JBOSS/JFUSE and MuleSoft type of programming opportunities at our Columbia ATDC. Will you please encourage your senior and junior students to apply?

Startup Looking for Software Developer

We are in search of a graduate student to help write software for our new company ReadWriteCommunicate. ReadWriteCommunicate is a patent pending online writing assessment that evaluates a student’s writing sample. ReadWriteCommunicate will incorporate readability statistical algorithm, OCR (Optical Character Reignition) software and website design.

SPAWAR Looking to Hire 150 full time and 30 interns at STEM Fair

The University is having their STEM Career Fair on September 25th . SPAWAR will be participating and will be hiring. We have On-the-Spot Hiring Authority and will be making offers at the completion of the Career Fairs. This year our target is 150 New STEM Graduates and approx. 30 Interns. We are looking for Computer Science majors, Computer Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Math majors, Physics majors, Operations Analysts, etc.