April 2015

Billing System Configurator at TCube

My name is Amber Kite and I am currently working as law clerk for TCube Solutions. TCube is currently accepting applications for an Implementation Specialist to work for West Bend Mutual Insurance.

West Bend wants to hire two full time staff members to work in their IT organization on their corporate Billing system. West Bend wants TCube to identify candidates and train them and then the candidates would be supervised by West Bend here in Columbia.

Website Developer Needed

We are looking for someone to build us a website. My son is a musician trying to get some exposure and promote a song he just produced. The website would be setup as to sample and to make a purchase of the song. I can give the students more details wen contacted. Price would be be negotiated after details are made.

QA Engineer Position at Wurrly

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer position job posting is below:

Essential Functions

  • Work collaboratively with project managers, technical leads, and architects to define and execute tests throughout the project lifecycle
  • Take initiative and work across teams in an Agile environment
  • Create, review, execute, and maintain test collateral: System Test Plans, System Test Procedure, test scripts and defect reports
  • Conduct functional, system, integration, ad hoc, black and white box, browser compatibility, regression, performance/benchmarking, and stress/load tests. Document defects.
  • Automate tests where appropriate (including researching and evaluating open source options)
  • Verify that load, scalability, and performance requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been met
  • Work with developers to perform root-cause analysis and preliminary problem diagnosis
  • Coordinate simultaneous test efforts across multiple development teams
  • Provide knowledge regarding QA concepts, methodology, best process, tools and metrics
  • Continuously re-evaluate test strategy to adjust for new information, changing risks, shifting priorities and project schedules
  • Assess current projects to characterize QA needs and to identify areas of improvement

Become an Online Tutor

Become an online tutor in your favorite subjects, and teach whenever you're free. As an InstaEDU tutor, you set your own schedule, make $20/hour, and work from wherever is convenient for you (dorm, apartment, library).

How does it work? We'll send tutoring requests your way whenever you're online. If you're available, just accept to instantly launch into an online lesson with a student. You can also set up scheduled lessons when it's convenient for you. Work with students of all levels and subjects, and make a extra cash while you do.

Boeing in Charleston Looking for Programmers

As Boeing continues to grow in Charleston, we are seeking talented individuals to join our team. Do you have any computer science students graduating next month that would be interested in Programmer/Developer jobs located in Charleston with IT working on engineering systems which support our product line? Some examples of these would be CAD/CAM products such as Enovia, Catia, etc. Below are two sample job descriptions. More can be found at Boeing.com/careers