December 2014

Python Programmer Needed at Economics Department

I am looking for temporary assistance from someone competent in programming in Python. I am a professor in the economics department, and I am conducting a laboratory experiment where participants interact with software written in Python. I hired a programmer in the past to write the software, but I now need to modify the program to run some additional variations of the experiment. Thus, I need someone to take his current program and extend it. This essentially amounts to modifying the way that participants in the experiment will be paid based on their actions.

Web Development Help Needed

I am looking for a student to finish a website that is almost complete but needs final revisions. I can provide access to my web hosting site where the content is stored as well as a link to the site "in progress." The person who was working with me has had some personal issues and is no longer available. I appreciate any help you can provide and am willing to pay for the work required. Thank you.