February 2013

iOS Developer Needed

I'm a graduate of USC School of Business in search of an iOS App Developer. Is there a current student or graduate you can refer me to who might be interested in hearing my idea about a sports related App and working to help me develop it? My contact number is (803)422-7648. I have a business selling a device already that has nationwide demand. However, the concept would be FAR more appealing if it were modernized into the form of a SmartPhone App.

USC Student Seeking Web Developer For Startup

This startup is an opportunity to be a part of a new business concept. Looking for a web developer who is creative, motivated, and willing to work as a business partner. It would be ideal to have a good amount of web design experience but if you are up to the challenge to be a part of something entrepreneurial this is your chance to improve your skills.

Summer Undergraduate Internship Position at Sandia National Labs

We are seeking a qualified and motivated undergraduate student to continue development of an immersive virtual environment for designing and simulating physical defense scenarios. The current environment is implemented using the Unity 3D game engine and includes basic tools for environment customization, physical sensor models, and AI path planning. Our goals are to increase the physical fidelity of the sensor models, implement intelligent adversaries, and improve the user interface. This work will involve communicating with engineering groups and working well in a small team.

USC Startup Looking for Web Developer

USC Startup already with two pre-paying customers is looking for a web developer and/or user experience designer. This job offers plenty of room for creativity, new tools and platforms as we have not decided how we want to structure the system yet. Would like a creative, open-minded individual with quality examples of previous projects. Experience with personal training or fitness would be a plus. Pay would be discussed - possible opportunity for a partnership.


Pegasys is an E-verified company & certified IBM partner”. Located in Michigan, founded in 2002.

We Recruit candidates in Various Technologies like:

Web Developer for Sweet Relish

I work for a tech start-up in Huntersville, NC (about 20 minutes north of Charlotte) called Sweet Relish. We're in need of an in-house developer to work with our CTO who is based in Denver. Candidate must be proficient in Java, Html 4 + 5 mobile, and CSS 3 with an eye for design concepts and intuitive organization. It's a fast paced but really fun environment focused on social commerce.

Anyone interested can send me their resumé and examples of completed sites.

Webdev at Center for Science Education

There is a position available with the Center for Science Education. I am taking it on myself to try to vet some of the possible applicants. The text of what I have been told are the job requirements are below. If you feel you have these skills, please contact me. If you know of someone who has these skills, let them know about the opening.