November 2012

Website Designer

My name is Brannon Desseyn, with Starboard Music Group, a boutique-style music management and publicity group based out of Nashville, TN. We are in the process of launching our business officially, and are in need of a web designer to do some tune-ups to our website. The job would be quick and contractual, although, if the student were to do a good job, we would like to continue to use them in the future. We are looking for someone who is passionate about design and music, and has an understanding of pop-culture.

Co-Op Developer at SCANA

STUDENT/CO-OP APPLICATION DEVELOPER POSITION is available in the Information Systems Department of SCANA. Ideal candidate is a sophomore or junior pursuing a major or minor in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems or a related degree with these additional qualifications:

Model Engineer (Financial Institutions)

(Columbia, SC)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Build and maintain complex financial models that incorporate a high level of proficiency in finance and technical knowledge.
  • Research more efficient and effective ways to perform procedures in Excel and Access.
  • Use entrepreneurial skills and think outside of the box to develop a new product. This includes researching forums, writing/editing macros, researching other literature and materials, possibly learning new code languages, etc.
  • Develop automation of preparation of periodic deliverables.

Summer Fellowship in NYC

Provide your students with a chance to be selected for an exciting media industry internship in New York City that includes travel, accommodationsand an allowance!

Please share the following information about the IRTS Summer Fellowship Program with junior, senior and/or graduate students. We hope your college or university will be among those that will be able to take pride in having a student selected for this prestigious program.

Students selected for this highly competitive program learn about opportunities throughout the media industry, in addition to interning at a specific company where skills are matched to a corresponding area of our business. Accomplished students from all majors (including math, computer science, business, marketing, communications, etc.) are encouraged to apply. Learn more at:

Software Developer in Athens GA

Trail Management Systems is looking for a Software Developer.

Responsibilities: Java Programming (GUI and serverside), MySQL Database
Administration, Bug fixing, and New Enhancements
Time: Half time (20hrs) to full time (40hrs). Hours are flexible around school schedules.

See full job ad for more info.

Web Programmer for USC School Psych Online Test Development

At the Applied Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab in the USC Psych Dept., we have developed an online test of working memory and need help with additional development. Tasks include creating different versions of the tests (e.g., adult research version versus child school version), modifying items in existing test, translating ideas for additional tasks and tests (different cognitive abilities and early school readiness skills), creation of a login system and score database for individual users (teachers, researchers, etc.)…

IT Industry Booms; Job Candidates Lag

Our own Dr. Buell is quoted by the GSA Business magazine. (original article)

"Everybody is desparate. The demand is huge," said Duncan Buell, University of South Carolina Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department.

"There is a company in Columbia that wants to hire 100 people. Our annual output is about 80, so that's just one company that wants more than our entire output.

Programmer at the College of Social Work

I'm at The Center for Child and Family Studies, College of Social Work. We deliver training via an installation of the Moodle LMS to Department of Social Services caseworkers. We use a product called Articulate to create SCORM-compliant quizzes. We would like to get aggregate information from the LMS rather than just the gross scores we now can retrieve.