Hello World! Welcome New Students!

Dr. JJ Shepherd. Your CSCE 145 guide.

Welcome to USC! and to the Computer Science & Engineering department!

As a new Computer student, your first class in the major is CSCE 145, which introduces you to the art of computer programming, using the Java programming language. If you have never done any coding before, do not worry, we assume as much. In fact, most of the students in CSCE 145 have never done any programming at all. But, if you are eager to get started or worried about falling behind then you might want to get an early preview of the class. That is what this page is about.

Below are the lectures by Dr. Shepherd for CSCE 145. Feel free view them over the Summer in order to start getting ready.

CSCE 145 Lectures by Dr. Shepherd

IntelliJ IDEA

We also recommend that you download and install IntelliJ IDEA on your laptop. Note that as a student you can get IntelliJ IDEA and other products for free. IntelliJ IDEA is the program we use in 145 to write programs. You should start learning how to use it.

CSCE 145 Tutorials by Dr. Vidal

You can also watch Dr. Vidal's set of short Java Tutorials on youtube. They contain a lot of examples of how to do things in Java. Below is the full playlist.