USC Cyber Security - About Us

We are a group of people that have an interest in computer, network, and physical security. We enjoy contests featuring penetration testing, cyber defense, capture the flag, and other challenging skills. Our students and mentors work together to share resources, practice both defense and exploits, and watch amusing videos.

In Spring 2014 a small group of ACM students came together to compete in the Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition (PCDC). They teamed up with the CEC IT Network Manager, Ronni Wilkinson, to have a crash course in fundamental hardening and security practices.

After practicing hard and placing second at the event, the team decided to continue working together to bring in more students, learn more about security, and reach out to the community to bring in mentors.

This last spring, the club's hard work paid off when USC won the 2015 Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition! And
as of now we are an official organization on campus with student, faculty and staff from all kinds of fields at USC.

Find us Online!
Facebook: CyberSecurity@USC
Twitter: @USCCyberSec
Listserv: Send an email to listserv (at) with the following in the body: SUB cybersec
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