dropbox.cse.sc.edu login problems

The Computer Science and Engineering Dropbox uses College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) Active Directory Server authentication.

If you are viewing this page, chances are you are either a first time user of our Digital Dropbox or your CEC password has expired/needs to be reset

First Time users:

  • Go to any CEC windows lab and login with your userid and initial passwd. (usc-v######## where #s are your VIP ID). You will
    be prompted to change your password. Use this new passwd when logging into the CSE Dropbox.

Returning Users:

  • First determine if your CEC password has expired. Follow the above directions except use the password that
    last worked when logging into a college windows machine. If your CEC password has expired, follow the directions for
    changing it. Upon completion you should be able to login to our digital dropbox.
  • If the above procedure does not work, stop by the CEC help desk in Swearingen Room 1D35 for further assistance.
  • If you cannot come to Columbia the help desk can be reached at 777-7223