Capstone Computing Project

Final Demo and Binaries

The final presentation and demo will be Tuesday, December 8, 8:30am in 300 Main St. B213.

You will also submit a final binary of your app, as such:

  • If you are building a webapp, you will deploy your app to the Internet and put its URL in the "Website" box of your github repo (main page of your repo, the textboxes that say "Description" and "Website"). Make sure your webapp is running during finals week
  • If you have a binary (.apk, .jar, etc) then you will create a "Release" on github and then upload the binary file as an attachment to that release. Test to make sure that the binary runs.

The order of the presentations is:

Time Group
8:30 omaha
8:40 imentor
8:50 routegen
9:00 FitLivin
9:10 RobotCA
9:20 contextual
9:30 ortho
9:40 sscrm
9:50 wandrlust
10:00 FitnessEvolution
10:10 powerswitch
10:20 DJJ
10:30 hygieia
10:40 5chords
10:50 diet
11:00 ZVerse
11:10 dcon
11:20 pmba
11:30 HelpMonger

.gitignore and Getting Ready for Github

One important thing most of the git guides ignore is .gitignore (note the name: DOT gitignore). The .gitignore is just a file that lists all the files that git should ignore, that is, should never commit. Mostly these will be files that are auto-generated by your source code (like .class files in Java). Your git repo should not contain any files that are generated by your compiler/ide, except for a few exceptions. The .gitignore file resides on your root directory and is checked into git.

During the next month, I recommend everyone follow the following steps to make sure they can get git+github+gitignore+ide working together well:

Meeting Times Set

The team meeting times with me have been set based on your preferences. I was able to give everyone one of the slots they asked for. You should have received an email invite from google calendar by now (check your spam). If not, you can just view my calendar to find your team's scheduled meeting time.

Meeting Times Poll

During your first meeting determine which times, from the list below, the group can meet with me.

Each group, please submit the form below to let me know all the times your team can meet, by Friday, September 4 @midnight. Note that it is OK if some in the group have to arrive late/leave early by up to 15 minutes. We will be meeting every-other week.

Project Assignments

Team assignments are done. In the end 71 students chose a client project, while 22 chose a Startup project (or Dr. Rekleites' special project). In the assignment, 49 students received their first-choice project, 18 got their second-choice, 3 their third-choice, and 1 got their fourth-choice (sorry if this is you!)

The table below list the project names along with the email addresses (all are of the students in the project. Email the other people in the project now, and get started on Milestone 1 which is due Monday September 7.

Project Preferences Form

Fill out the form below by Thursday, August 27 @midnight with your project preferences. By now you should have read all the project descriptions. I will feed these preferences to my program to find a solution where all groups are of 4 or 5 students while giving everyone their best possible choice.

If you are on a startup group, do not use this form. I already know what group you are in.

If you don't have one, get a github username before filling out the form.

TIP: If you first login to this website you will be able to change your preferences after submissions, but before the deadline.

We Slack

I have just invited all of you to our slack group. You should get the email at your address. If not, email me. After you create your account, install the clients you need. They have desktop, web, and mobile clients.

Slack is Chat for work. It is only for communication, not grading. All graded stuff must be in your github repo. Watch the welcome lecture for details.

My initial plan for the channels is:

  • #general: all my announcement and general class discussion
  • #android, #ios, #web: platform channels. Subscribe to the one you are using. Create more as needed
  • #startup: discuss your startup ideas
  • #proposed-projects: discuss the proposed projects, ask me questions and I'll try to answer or contact client.
  • #your-github-reponame: you will create this after you create your github repo. It is for your team. Make it public or private as you wish (I can't go into private groups).
  • create more channels as you see fit.
  • You can Direct Message me (or, anyone) when you want a private chat. Feel free to DM me. Also, if you @josemvidal mention me in a public conversation I will get notified.

Project Proposals

Below are the client project proposals for this year. Feel free to contact the prospective client to ask questions about the project. Click below to see the whole list.


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