Capstone Computing Project

Beta Milestone Release

The beta milestone is officially due on Wednesday. I will be checking them over Spring Break (or this week, if you are done early) so you'll have a couple more days. By Saturday March 5 every group should email/slack me, and Bridgette, the following

  • webapps: publish to the URL in your repo, and let me know that you are ready. Also, tell me the username/passwords I need to login (admin and user, if relevant).
  • mobile/desktop apps: create a GitHub release and upload your binary there.

Meeting Times Have Been Set

I have emailed everyone their meeting times, from my google calendar so check your spam folder. I managed to give every group one of their requested times. Thanks for being flexible!

We do not meet over Spring Break so the every-other-week scheduling is shifted after that week. As always, my calendar is linked from my homepage so, you can double check times there.

Meeting Times Poll

During your first meeting determine which times, from the list below, the group can meet with me.

Each group, please submit the form below to let me know all the times your team can meet, by Friday, January 15 @midnight. Note that it is OK if some in the group have to arrive late/leave early by up to 15 minutes. We will be meeting every-other week.

How to Welcome a New Team Member

New team members will need to start contributing code ASAP, by Feb 1 at the latest. Existing team members should help them get coding. Follow these steps:

  1. New person learns how team communicates (email, slack, IM, snapchat) and gets account, meets with team in-person if possible.
  2. New person gets github and slack accounts.
  3. New person git-clones and builds current team repo on his or her laptop. This will likely require the installation of the IDE the team is using.
  4. Team creates a few simple git-issues and assigns them to the new member.
  5. New person gets familiar with the existing codebase.
  6. New person implements simple issues, commits, and pushes to github.

New people must read over everything in this website. Go over all the Milestones, and Lectures. Make sure you monitor #general in our Slack channel.

This should all be done by February 1. A new member that cannot achieve this will Fail this class.

New Team Member Assigments

We have about 11 people who will be taking 492 before 490. We also have some teams that have lost members. I will start by assigning new people to teams with 3 or fewer members. When/if these fill up I will then assign the remaining new people to teams with 4 people. Below is a list of the teams that have 3 or fewer people right now (as best as I can tell, the list will be updated as people tell me who has not/will not register for 492).

Teams with 4 students, looking for a 5th member:

  1. sscrm. 4th member is Blakeley Hoffman. 5th member is Ross Eaton.
  2. ortho. It is a web application for patient management in an orthopedist practice, using meteor. 4th member is Kevin Silver.
  3. robotCA: It is an Android app for controlling a robot. 4th member is Nahaniel Stone. 5th member is Marcus Stewart.
  4. 5chords: It is an Android app for learning music chords. 4th member is Theodore Stone.
  5. contextual: a meteor webapp for student learning
  6. dcon: a JavaFX desktop app for analyzing/plotting data. 5th member is Nan Li.
  7. diet: an Android app for keeping track of meals
  8. FitLivin: an Android app for keeping track of workouts. 5th member is Parth Choksi. I am awaiting confirmation from team that they only have 4 people this semester.
  9. hygeia: an ASP.NET webapp for keeping track of data from a device that measures human hydration
  10. imentor: an ASP.NET webapp for matching mentors with students. 5th member is Troy Wingert.
  11. pmba: a meteor webapp for keeping track of applicants to the MBA. 5th member is Nandita Karambelkar.
  12. wandrlust: a meteor webapp for travellers. 5th member is Colin Morrell.
  13. HelpMonger: a meteor webapp for connecting people.

If you are new to 492 you can send me an email specifying which team you want to join. I will assign on a first-come-first-serve basis. Keep in mind that I need to add a someone to every team with 3 or less, so all should have either 4 or 5 members. If I don't get enough volunteers for the teams with 3 or fewer then I will just pick randomly from the new people, regardless of their choice.

I will update this page as I assign new people.

Team Member Assessment Fall 2015

Read the team members' assessment rubric.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these, no student will read them. Remember to also submit one review of yourself. Deadline is Tuesday, December 8 @midnight.

Also, if you login to this website first then you will be able to save drafts of your submission.

Final Demo and Binaries

The final presentation and demo will be Tuesday, December 8, 8:30am in 300 Main St. B213.

You will also submit a final binary of your app, as such:

  • If you are building a webapp, you will deploy your app to the Internet and put its URL in the "Website" box of your github repo (main page of your repo, the textboxes that say "Description" and "Website"). Make sure your webapp is running during finals week
  • If you have a binary (.apk, .jar, etc) then you will create a "Release" on github and then upload the binary file as an attachment to that release. Test to make sure that the binary runs.

The order of the presentations is:

Time Group
8:30 omaha
8:40 imentor
8:50 routegen
9:00 FitLivin
9:10 RobotCA
9:20 contextual
9:30 ortho
9:40 sscrm
9:50 wandrlust
10:00 FitnessEvolution
10:10 powerswitch
10:20 DJJ
10:30 hygieia
10:40 5chords
10:50 diet
11:00 ZVerse
11:10 dcon
11:20 pmba
11:30 HelpMonger

.gitignore and Getting Ready for Github

One important thing most of the git guides ignore is .gitignore (note the name: DOT gitignore). The .gitignore is just a file that lists all the files that git should ignore, that is, should never commit. Mostly these will be files that are auto-generated by your source code (like .class files in Java). Your git repo should not contain any files that are generated by your compiler/ide, except for a few exceptions. The .gitignore file resides on your root directory and is checked into git.

During the next month, I recommend everyone follow the following steps to make sure they can get git+github+gitignore+ide working together well:

Meeting Times Set

The team meeting times with me have been set based on your preferences. I was able to give everyone one of the slots they asked for. You should have received an email invite from google calendar by now (check your spam). If not, you can just view my calendar to find your team's scheduled meeting time.


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