Capstone Computing Project

Deadline for Startup Project Applications is Tuesday

I will accept ideas for startup projects until Tuesday Aug. 29 @midnight. Email me the name of the 4-5 students in the team and the project idea by then. I will post the list of chosen startup projects on Wednesday. Everyone who did not end up in a chosen startup project will turn in their client preferences by Friday (I'll post that form soon. I am just waiting on some possible late client submissions).

Welcome to CSCE 490

What you need to be doing the first week of classes:

  1. Read the client proposals. Decide if you will be working on a client project or on a startup project.
    1. If you chose to do a client project then keep an eye on this website. A form to submit your client preferences will appear.
    2. If you chose to do a startup then email me your project idea and team names. Wait for me to reply that I have approved it.
  2. Watch the lectures.
  3. We will have an informal meeting Friday August 25 @3:30pm in Amoco Hall so you can meet other class members and form startup groups, for those of you who want to do startup. Also, if you have an idea, you can pitch it to the class.

Client Project Proposals 2017-18

Below are the client project proposals for our 2017-18 Capstone courses that I have received so far. I will be updating this page as new proposals arrive. This year we have over 160 students in the course. A new record. This means we will have between 32 and 40ish teams (since every team must have 4 or 5 students). That is a lot.

You have two choices:

  1. Choose to work on one of the projects below. If so, all you have to do is wait until I post a form a form on this site where you list your top 5 projects, in order. I will then assign you to a project, trying to give everyone their highest-rated project.
  2. Choose to work on your own startup project. If so, you will have to find other students in the class (each team must have 4 or 5 members, exactly) and form your own team. Then tell me your idea and your team. If I approve, you are done.

It looks like many of the projects will be "startup" projects this year. You can use our gitter public channel to communicate with the whole class and find other people who might want to work on your startup project idea.

Capstone Projects Video Showcase 2017

We are looking for clients for next year's Capstone course. If you want an app build for you, for free, click that link.

This year our Capstone students worked on 31 different projects, which included

  • 16 mobile apps,
  • 12 web applications,
  • 2 desktop apps,
  • and 1 device driver.

They used a range of different technologies, including Android, iOS Objective-C, meteor.js, ionic, react, react native, Angular, Django, vaadin, Polymer, Google App Engine, Firebase, MVC .NET, Windows C#, Unity VR and many more. Please visit our Capstone 2017 Video Showcase to view video demonstrations of the projects and visit their websites.

Team Members' Assessment: Spring 2017

Before filling these out, make sure you read the team members' assessment rubric.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these, no student will read them. Remember to also submit a review of yourself. Deadline is May 1 @midnight.

QA Team Assignments

Below are the team assignments for the QA milestone. You should now have read access to the repo of the team you are testing, which lets you create new Issues in their repo. Read the QA Milestone for details on what you need to do. You can start testing on April 8, not before.

Final Presentations Request for Time Preferences

The final presentations will be held over 3 different days, all in Amoco Hall. Each presentation will be at most 15 minutes, shoot for somewhere between 10 and 15mins. You only have to attend the day on which you are presenting.

The whole team has to attend and present on the day of their presentation. For more info see the Demo Day Milestone.

Fill this out before April 17. Only one submission per team.

Update: April 15: The 24 is now full.


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