Capstone Computing Project

Team Assignments

The team assignments are done. In the final solution, which we are using, 68 students are working on their 1st choice of project, 24 students get their 2nd choice, 7 get their 3rd choice, and 2 students get their 5th choice. Sorry if you are one of those 2!

The assignments are below. The table shows everyone's address so you can use that to contact your teammates, tell them your name, setup your first meeting. That is, you can now get started on Milestone 1, and Milestone 2.

Next Week's Work

For next week (21--26) you will be working on

  1. Watch the welcome video
  2. Read the client info, syllabus, and project propsals.
  3. Choose your top-5 projects, in order. Feel free to ask questions about the projects in #proposed-projects. Or, create an awesome startup group and email me the project description for approval.
  4. Accept my slack invite.
  5. Create a github account for yourself.
  6. Watch the teamwork video. Note the Resources on that page.
  7. Watch the design process video. Note the Resources on that page.
  8. Submit your preferences (from 3.) on the form which will appear here on /capstone. The form will appear by Wednesday. You will have until Friday @midnight to fill it.

Any questions, feel free to ask in #general, or DM @josemvidal, or email me, or in twitter @jmvidal, or call me at 777-0928, or google-hangout at, or drop by my office (SWGN 3A51).

Project Proposals 2016

Note that, if you have an idea for an app you can form your own group and work on your idea. I call these startup teams. The team must have 4-5 students. Startup projects are closed (as announced earlier in #startup). I already have 40 students doing startups, which is a lot more than I wanted. Next year I will need to have some sort of startup competition.

Capstone Projects Video Showcase 2016

Below are the video demos for the 2016 Senior Capstone project class. This year we had 6 Android apps, 9 web applications, 1 ionic app, 1 Unity 3D game, 1 desktop application, and 1 voting machine hack. The live demos will be on May 3 at our Capstone Demo Day. You can also see the video playlist on youtube. If you are interested in letting our students build an app for you, see the prospective client information page which explains how to send us your idea.

Team Member Assessment Spring 2016

Read the team members' assessment rubric.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these, no student will read them. Remember to also submit a review of yourself. Deadline is Tuesday, May 3 @noon.

Also, if you login to this website first then you will be able to save drafts of your submission. And, remember to fill out the Senior Survey.

Demo Day Presentation Times

Below are the approximate times for the demo presentations on May 3, in Amoco Hall, starting at 8:30am.

Time Group Description Client
8:30 pSwizzy A 3D Game for Tablets, using Unity. Power BNC Energy
8:40 RobotCA An Android app for controlling robots. Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis, CSE Department
8:50 hygieia A webapp for display and analysis of hydration data. Hygieia Hydration
9:00 omaha Hacking a voting machine. Dr. Duncan Buell, CSE Department
9:10 imentor A webapp for student-teacher video conferencing. VC3 and the Richland 2 School District
9:20 FitnessEvolution An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
9:30 ZVerse A webapp for 3D model editing. ZVerse Inc.
9:40 diet An Android for tracking diet. The Cancer Prevention and Control Program, USC
9:50 DJJ A webapp for providing information. Institute for Families in Society University of South Carolina
10:00 pmba A webapp for tracking incoming student application process. Professional MBA Program, USC
10:10 wandrlust A webapp for travellers. Self startup
10:20 routegen A webapp for building router configuration files. Cisco Systems
10:30 ortho A webapp for patient tracking. Midlands Orthopedics
10:40 HelpMonger An Android Ionic app for finding help.
10:50 contextual An educational platform (webapp) based on the mode neutral learning pedagogy. Self startup
11:00 sscrm A webapp for tracking students. USC Student Success Center
11:10 5chords An Android app for learning music. South Carolina Philharmonic
11:20 FitLivin An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
11:30 dcon A desktop app for data analysis. Chemical Engineering Dept., USC

Beta Milestone Release

The beta milestone is officially due on Wednesday. I will be checking them over Spring Break (or this week, if you are done early) so you'll have a couple more days. By Saturday March 5 every group should email/slack me, and Bridgette, the following

  • webapps: publish to the URL in your repo, and let me know that you are ready. Also, tell me the username/passwords I need to login (admin and user, if relevant).
  • mobile/desktop apps: create a GitHub release and upload your binary there.


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