Capstone Computing Project

Startup Project Ideas Looking for More Team Members

Below I will be posting messages from students in this class that have an idea for a startup project but have not found enough other students to join them (each team must be 4 or 5 students). If you want me to post your idea, just email me your idea. With only 20 or so client projects, we will be needing lots of startup projects this year!

Client Project Proposals 2018-19

Below are the client project proposals for our 2018-19 Capstone courses that I have received so far. I will be updating this page as new proposals arrive. This year we have over 150 students in the course.

You have two choices (detailed explanation here):

  1. Choose to work on one of the projects below. If so, all you have to do is wait until I post a form on this site where you will list your top 5 projects, in order. I will then assign you to a project, trying to give everyone their highest-rated project.
  2. Choose to work on your own startup project. If so, you will have to find other students in the class (each team must have 4 or 5 members, exactly) and form your own team. Then tell me your idea and your team. If I approve, you are done. I will post the list of approved startup project on this site, before the deadline for 1. (above).

Final Demo Presentation Times

The assigned times for the final demos are below. They will be held in the Storey Innovation Center room 1400. Times are approximate. Teams are required to attend for the duration of their time slot. These demos are open to the public. Feel free to invite your client and friends.

You can also see all the video demos online.

For the April 30, 1:00 pm -- 4:00 pm time slot we have:

Team Members' Assessment: Spring 2018

Before filling these out, make sure you read the team members' assessment rubric, and remember that you also have to fill out the Senior Survey.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these. No student will read them. Remember to also submit a review of yourself. Deadline is May 1 @11:59pm.

Final Demo Presentation Times Form

Please fill out the form below to let me know which of the 3 time slots your team can do the final demo presentation. Only 1 person from each team needs to submit the form, of course. The whole team must be there so pick a time that works for all. Please submit your times by Wednesday April 25 so I can post schedules on Thursday.


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