Capstone Computing Project

CSCE 492 Welcome

Welcome to CSCE 492 Spring 2018, the second part of our Capstone project class. I have several announcements to start the semester:

  1. We will be using github's new team discussions (also linked to by the octocat on this page, bottom left) instead of gitter. Note also that each team has their own team discussion at<your-repo> You will want to bookmark that page as there is no quick link to it from your repo. Read about team discussions.
  2. Read the Syllabus and the Milestones for this semester.
  3. If you are not registered for CSCE 492 then you are not on the team. Register now if you want to take the class.
  4. If you were not in 490 last semester then tell my your github username by filling out this form by the end of the first day of classes. I will then assign you to a team. Teams, be on the lookout for new members. Help them come up to speed with your codebase as they need to be committing code by the end of January.
  5. Once I assign people to teams I will post here a form asking for the available meeting times. I plan to do so in the first week of classes.

Boeing Grant for Virtual Reality Hardware

We would like to thank Boeing for their generous support of our Computer Science and Engineering Capstone project. This year they donated $10,000 for the purchase of the Virtual Reality gear that you see here: two HTC Vive setups along with computers to run them. One of our student teams working with them to build a VR application to help in the repair and maintenance of aircraft by showing the user which parts should be removed, and in which order.

Team Members' Assessment: Fall 2017

Before filling these out, make sure you read the team members' assessment rubric.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these, no student will read them. Remember to also submit a review of yourself. Deadline is Dec. 8 @11:59pm.

Demo Presentation Assignments

The times assignments for presentation day are below. Note that all regular meetings between your team and me for any of these 3 days (Wed, Thursday, or Friday) are cancelled.

AWS Credits

If you do not like the Google Cloud Credits I sent out before, we also have AWS credits, see below. The link you need to use is here. Only CSCE 490 students can access that link. Everyone else will get a 404.

We received your request for a centralized AWS Promotional Credit for course CSCE 490 Capstone Design Project. AWS will provide a centralized AWS Promotional Credit code granting free usage to support your course for students that participate. Every new and existing student that joins AWS Educate using this link and selects your course from the list will be counted as a participating in your course.

The size of the AWS promotional credit issued a single centralized code will be determined based on the amount you requested per student and total number of students that joined as participating in your course.

The centralized AWS Promotional Credit code for your class will be provided before the ‘credit needed by date’ on your form. We ask that applications are made a month in advance. We cannot guarantee that codes requested with short notice will be issued by the requested date.

Markdown Tips

Below is a Gist of a MarkDown file. Click on the "Raw" button to see the original markdown code I used.

Moving Offices and Milestone 3

As of right now I have moved to our new building. All of our future meetings will be in my office at Storey 2231. That is on the second floor, near the south west corner, looking out to the Strom fitness center.

For M3 grading you have to drop by the TA's office hours and show them your app. Their office hours are:

  • @hongkaiyu2012 will be in on Wed (Oct 18th). 10:00 am to 11:59 am and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. In Storey #2242.
  • @parsonsbatc will be in Tuesday, 10am to 5pm in Storey #1211 (first floor)

If you have a webapp and deployed it to the Internets, you can just give them the URL and you don't have to actually talk to a human. Create an Issue called "M3", add your URL there, assign it to your TA.

Also, for those of you with meetings set during Fall Break, I will contact you to re-schedule. We can do either the Wednesday before or the Monday after during my Office Hours. See my calendar.

Your GitHub Issues and Grades

We have been grading. Some of you will start to get github issues assigned to you. Remember that our use of Issues in this class is covered in the teamwork lectures. The label:readme issues are how you will get feedback from us. Please take them seriously. Tip: You can see all the issues assigned to you across github by going to

I will send out periodic personal emails that contain your grades for each milestone. The issues will never contain grade points, for privacy reasons. The emails will tell you how many points, if any, each Issue cost you. Some Issues are just FYI so do not cost points.

You won't get a grade for the Personal Log milestone until the end, because it is ongoing. But, we are keeping track of it.

A few of you still have not accepted the github invite. So, we cannot assign you issues, because you are not even on our github org yet. However, we are still keeping track of how delinquently behind you are in class and deducting points accordingly.

Finally, remember to never use someone else's github account. It is considered the same as taking someone's test for them, as per our Syllabus.

Meeting Times Posted

I have just emailed out invites to everyone with our meeting times. These are the meetings of your team with me. All meetings are 30 minutes, so please be prompt. They will be held in my office which is in Swearingen 3A51, at least until we move to the new building sometime mid-semester. You can also see all the scheduled meeting times in my calendar if you did not get the email invite.

Notice that the meetings are every 2-weeks, but there are no meetings during Thanksgiving week. The schedule gets shifted over one week after Thanksgiving week. See my calendar if you are confused.


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