Your GitHub Issues and Grades

We have been grading. Some of you will start to get github issues assigned to you. Remember that our use of Issues in this class is covered in the teamwork lectures. The label:readme issues are how you will get feedback from us. Please take them seriously. Tip: You can see all the issues assigned to you across github by going to

I will send out periodic personal emails that contain your grades for each milestone. The issues will never contain grade points, for privacy reasons. The emails will tell you how many points, if any, each Issue cost you. Some Issues are just FYI so do not cost points.

You won't get a grade for the Personal Log milestone until the end, because it is ongoing. But, we are keeping track of it.

A few of you still have not accepted the github invite. So, we cannot assign you issues, because you are not even on our github org yet. However, we are still keeping track of how delinquently behind you are in class and deducting points accordingly.

Finally, remember to never use someone else's github account. It is considered the same as taking someone's test for them, as per our Syllabus.