Startup Project Ideas Looking for More Team Members

Below I will be posting messages from students in this class that have an idea for a startup project but have not found enough other students to join them (each team must be 4 or 5 students). If you want me to post your idea, just email me your idea. With only 20 or so client projects, we will be needing lots of startup projects this year!

My name is Jacob (“Jake”) Simpson and I am enrolled in the capstone course for this semester. I don’t know if I am too late to submit a capstone project idea, and if I am I apologize. However, the idea that I have come up with is a mobile application that I am currently calling “My Life Manager”, though the name may change if I can think of something a little more witty.

A quick background, I recently started an internship and the manager asked that I keep track of my own hours. I thought, well that is easy enough, but as I looked for applications (on the ios app store) I found that there weren’t very any good, free applications that would allow me to simply keep track of my hours. Many of the applications would allow me to store up to a weeks worth of data at a time for free, but any more than that, I would have to pay a subscription. So I decided to create my own application. I sat down to put pen to paper, and my imagination went a little wild… What was suppose to be a simple “time tracker” turned into an app that would allow you to keep a personal, detailed history of an individuals work history. It would track their hours, pay, job/jobs (if they have multiple, or even change jobs/companies), and if the user desires, it is a tool for budgeting. I want to provide an application that will keep track of a users work and budgeting history. The budgeting side will provide ways for users to store basic billing information, receipts, and any kind of financial transaction (positive or negative), much like a bank statement would. Obviously, it would be up to me and my team to decide what kind of information to gather so that the individual can keep track of their information, but much of it would be user controlled.

I have reached out to a couple of my friends in the capstone program to see if they want to work on this with me, but unfortunately all the ones I have reached out to have already agreed to working on another student submitted project, so I don’t have a team that I would be able to submit to you.

I have a rough draft, hand drawn concept of the application with an idea of how the flow would work. If this is something you think would be adequate for the capstone, I am more than willing to send you a copy of the drawings I have created. My original idea was to create this on native IOS, however, I am more than willing to develop as a hybrid application. There is no code written, so we would be starting from scratch.

-Jake Simpson

Dr. Bakos' project for CE majors

A phone application that helps calculate nutrition and calories in mixed drinks. I recently was in need of keeping up with all of my food/drink nutrition and calories and found there is nothing out there to help calculate how many calories/carbs/fats are in mixed drinks. Even most restaurants don't have this information in the nutrition sheets. I have looked online and through the android app store for calculators to no avail. Features I would expect it to have:

  • Ability to calculate a nutrition label based on items user mixed into the drink. Ability to do this using exact measurements of mixes or by using recipes that are split by parts(i.e. 1 part vodka, 1 part kahula, 2 parts milk, etc).
  • Ability to add recipes to a database that can be seen by all users if the creator would like in addition to recipes I would intend to already be in there.
  • Ability to share recipes from the application to all social media sites.
  • User database so that users can create, edit, delete any recipes they wish and also to store a history of nutrition labels they have generated for reuse if needed later.
  • Would most likely use cordova/ionic to create this. Unless others had another idea that would better suit the application.

If interested my email is

My name's Rashid Annahas and I'm proposing an idea for a game where around 50 players spawn together and compete for resources. For those familiar with Runescape it's pretty similar to their Wilderness concept plus some other stuff.

About the game

Players start with a fishing net and can approach a dock where they fish for food to sell for gold at the general store. They can then use the gold to buy other things from the general store like different fishing gear to fish for more expensive sea creatures to sell for more money. For example when you start you can only catch sardines with a fishing net. As you fish you level up your fishing level and can now catch salmon but to fish for salmon you need a fishing pole which you can buy. By selling salmon instead of sardines you make more money and can buy a sword and shield and move up in the game. There are two areas in the map, the safe zone where players can't attack each other and the wild where players around the same level as each other can fight together. If a player dies they drop all their stuff which the other player can take and sell for money or wield themselves. As players fight they level up their attack level and get stronger. Players can eat fish to replenish health. Players can trade with other players to buy or sell things or just to give each other stuff.

About me

I previously worked in an iOS development firm and helped build an app for a startup from the USC Business School called Woozle which used geolocation to locate bars with the most activity around USC so users could find the most popular bars on campus. I've previously worked on smaller game projects but nothing as big as this one. My plan is to spend a lot of time learning about Web Sockets and server development this semester since most of the game would be done on server side. It'd be awesome if I found a few people that are already established in server development. In terms of design and game mechanics I think I can handle that. But we could use someone that already built a web game before and also has experience in web sockets, that would help a lot with our learning curve.

If you're interested in joining my project please send me a message of what part of the game you'd like to work on and stuff you've done previously that's similar to your part of the project. I just want to make sure we all know what we're doing and can actually build this thing by the end of the semester.