QA Milestone: Team Testing Assignments

Below are the team testing assignments for the Quality Assurance Milestone. You have been given read access to the other team's repo. This will allow you to add Issues to their github repo page as explained in the Milestone. Please use the "bug" and "enhancement" labels as explained in the Milestone. Note that you will be testing their RC1 Release, which is due this Sunday at midnight. So, don't start testing until that Release is published.

The team in this column tests the app made by the team in this column.
AdviseMe DNNV - Discussion
availability-registration-logger AdviseMe - Discussion
Beacon SkateHub - Discussion
Beautiful-Open-ended-Interior-Graphics RealityCheck - Discussion
Bodylight Cupboard - Discussion
BrainGains DiabetesGroup - Discussion
CapstoneEmployeeScheduler Code-Commandos - Discussion
Code-Commandos ProjectConquest - Discussion
Cupboard Pothole-Reporter - Discussion
cutsies tasks - Discussion
DiabetesGroup spacebook - Discussion
DirtyHistoryCrawler Risk-of-Success - Discussion
DNNV DirtyHistoryCrawler - Discussion
E-CigsUSC Hydration-Manager - Discussion
Hydration-Manager availability-registration-logger - Discussion
Pothole-Reporter Beacon - Discussion
PowerSwitchCoders Bodylight - Discussion
PowerSwitchiOS PulmonaryDiseaseManagement - Discussion
ProjectConquest CapstoneEmployeeScheduler - Discussion
ProjectPower TumorTaskforce - Discussion
Proposal22 WaWash - Discussion
PulmonaryDiseaseManagement Puzzle490 - Discussion
Puzzle490 BrainGains - Discussion
RBinManager Team-Sailing - Discussion
RealityCheck Beautiful-Open-ended-Interior-Graphics - Discussion
research-portal RBinManager - Discussion
Risk-of-Success ProjectPower - Discussion
Sense-Able SoundClout - Discussion
SkateHub cutsies - Discussion
Social-Monomania research-portal - Discussion
SoundClout Sense-Able - Discussion
spacebook PowerSwitchCoders - Discussion
tasks PowerSwitchiOS - Discussion
Team-Sailing E-CigsUSC - Discussion
TumorTaskforce Proposal22 - Discussion
WaWash Social-Monomania - Discussion