CSCE 492 Welcome

Welcome to CSCE 492 Spring 2018, the second part of our Capstone project class. I have several announcements to start the semester:

  1. We will be using github's new team discussions (also linked to by the octocat on this page, bottom left) instead of gitter. Note also that each team has their own team discussion at<your-repo> You will want to bookmark that page as there is no quick link to it from your repo. Read about team discussions.
  2. Read the Syllabus and the Milestones for this semester.
  3. If you are not registered for CSCE 492 then you are not on the team. Register now if you want to take the class.
  4. If you were not in 490 last semester then tell my your github username by filling out this form by the end of the first day of classes. I will then assign you to a team. Teams, be on the lookout for new members. Help them come up to speed with your codebase as they need to be committing code by the end of January.
  5. Once I assign people to teams I will post here a form asking for the available meeting times. I plan to do so in the first week of classes.