Client Project Proposals 2017-18

Below are the client project proposals for our 2017-18 Capstone courses that I have received so far. I will be updating this page as new proposals arrive.

This year we have over 160 students in the course. A new record. This means we will have between 32 and 40ish teams (since every team must have 4 or 5 students). That is a lot.

We have only 5 client proposals as of July 14th. If you know of someone who might want to be a client please forward them to

So, it looks like most of the projects will be "startup" projects. That is, you will need to come up with your own idea for an app and form a team of 4 or 5 (no more, no less) students. Once you have an idea email/gitter me for approval. I must approve every idea. You can use our gitter public channel to communicate with the whole class.

  1. Body Consciousness and Stress Management App Proposal

    Possible titles: Movingwithease or Bodytime/bodylight (open to suggestions too)

    Based on the Alexander Technique and other movement coaching exercises I have developed, this app guides people through daily practice of self-care that will improve their physical wellbeing and mental ease. It will include audio sessions and video instruction. There is daily practice, a learning series of short instruction sessions, video CGI movement instruction sessions, lying down body meditation, 40 quick tips for more improvement and periodic reminders to practice during everyday activities.

    I plan to use this for my USC class, Acting from a Physical Point of View, taught every Spring. As well I will offer it for general public courses through my website. All video segments with voice over are available. I can develop the audio instruction segments and provide them before final production. One inspiration for this app is

    Below I offer a draft of possible organization. I am very open to guidance, new ideas and ways of presenting this work. If it is too ambitious I am also happy to do a portion of it.

    Daily Practice

    A Series of ten 8-minute audio guided body consciousness exercises

    Each session will guide the person to calm and tune into their body. Focus on breathing and physical sensations leads into a variety of ways to improve balance and ease, energy and wholeness.

    Learning Series
    Ten Separate audio instruction units 3 minutes each:
    1. head turns
    2. Leaning back and forward
    3. Expanding breath capacity
    4. Shoulder release and charge with energy
    5. Energize legs
    6. Flexing vision and coiling spine
    7. Jaw and Whispered ah
    8. Wholeness and healing
    9. The pause
    10. Awareness inside and out
    One 15 minute lying down session for integration using Constructive rest
    Video Series with images of your joints (5 minutes each)
    1. Turning your head at the top of the spine
    2. Lengthening your arms
    3. Rotating your chest
    4. Freeing your hips
    5. Whole body swaying
    6. Lifting and lengthening your legs
    7. Flexing your feet
    8. Rolling your spine
    9. Freeing your jaw
    10. Eight minute sequence

    Scheduling audio reminders.
    Once a day – Twice a day – every two hours – random Tips: 40 Specific Video Instructions to help you with each movement These segments are 10 seconds to 60 seconds long Professor Sarah Barker, Department of Theatre and Dance

  2. Musical Forest

    I'm an assistant professor in the School of Music and I'm interested in developing a desktop application that would be used to run a large-scale installation that I am working on with a close collaborator of mine, composer Michael Pisaro (California Institute of the Arts).

    Our installation, Congaree Abstraction, is a composed environment that attempts to make a reduction of the density of a location in the physical world, in this case, Congaree National Park. The work will use the sounds, sights, and patterns observed in the park as inspiration to create a work based on environmental cycles and trajectories, with the potential for contingent occurrences.

    We are looking for an application that would allow us to program a large number of Arduinos driving physical output devices (motors, solenoids, speakers, etc.) that are attached to musical instruments/found objects. The program created by the CSCE Capstone Project students will allow for robust control in the sequencing of the actions of the output devices.

    Composed of numerous independent systems, the installation is a 2-hour loop that repeats 365 times (or about a month in a gallery space). A system will be defined as one or more elements that comprise the Congaree landscape. For example, insect life, temperature, and day/night times (along with other elements) might each be defined as systems. The user of our imagined application will be able create sequencing programs for the Arduinos through an intuitive user-interface. The user would be able to input the following kind information into the application for a given system:

    1. # of time-units in the 2-hour loop
    2. durations of time-units
    3. # of events per unit
    4. durations of events
    5. rules for how events are placed inside time units (i.e., random, regular, etc.)
    6. information on how the system will vary day-to-day, season-to-season
    I’ve placed a very simple graphical representation of what I’m trying to get at below:

    In the image we see the four seasons. Each season is divided by a series of time-units. Each time-unit is given a # of events by the user, how long those events can be, and how they may be placed inside the unit. Starting with Fall, the sequencing program created for the Arduino by the application would vary day-to-day depending on what the user specifies. As the program passes through Fall it becomes more and more like Winter, where we see that the relative spacing of the time units is different, as well as the appearance/disappearance of certain units.

    We are really excited about the possibility of working with the students on this if possible. In particular, how their creative input with the programming could take the work in unforeseen directions.

    Greg Stuart
    Assistant Professor of Experimental Music Performance/Music Literature
    University of South Carolina
    School of Music
  3. Gamecock Sailing Club Crew-Boat matching app

    Below is a fairly complete description for a web application that the Gamecock Sailing Club would like to have to facilitate their crewing, sailing, and racing opportunities. We really, REALLY want to see this app selected by one of your teams this year. Let me know if there is something I can do to help encourage selection of this project! Maybe we can offer some sailing opportunities so that members of the development team can better understand the application requirements ;)

    • Objective: Provide a closed service to match
      • Gamecock sailing club members who want to race, with
      • Boat owners who are members of the Lake Murray Yacht Racing Assn
    • On a per-event basis
    • Matching skills to requirements
    • Matching boat type to desired type
    • Via any browser – platform independent
    GUI Requirements: GSC-side
    • Register in a way that confirms the registrant is a member of GSC
    • Categorize and self-rank sailing skills or qualifications of the GSC member
    • Select preferred date of sailing opportunity
    • Select type of boat or racing division desired to sail on
    GUI Requirements: LMYRA-side
    • Register in a way that confirms the registrant is a member of LMYRA (moderator?)
    • Specify date that crew is/are required
    • Select crew position(s) or sailing skills needed for crew member(s), multiple options permitted
    • Specify type of boat, and racing division or practice/training of the crewing opportunity
    • After registration, show possible matches in a relatively-anonymous way
    • User (either end) selects desired match
    • User (other end) "accepts" desired match
    • As soon as matched, crew and opportunity positions both disappear from the list of opportunities seen by others
    • Provide mechanism to exchange dock meet-up details and/or contact details
    • Provide mechanism to exchange any supporting information such as "what to bring"
    • Calendar view for all participants, with all active dates highlighted
    • Mechanism to link dates for multi-day regattas (require attendance both days)
    • Moderator/administrator view and controls
    • Star-rating system for boat to rate crew claimed skills and crew to rate quality of sailing experience on boat

    Roger Dougal
    Faculty Advisor, Gamecock Sailing Club
    Professor, Electrical Engineering Department
  4. Beacon

    My name is Mitch Puechner and I am part of a project called Beacon with Dr. Galbreth, Dr. Ferguson, and Dr. Buchan from the business school. I am writing today to inquire about Beacon being a part of your senior design class this upcoming fall. We are a nonprofit group in need of help developing our disaster relief phone app. We were founded following South Carolina’s “Thousand Year Flood” in 2015, which left approximately twelve billion dollars of damage. In the flood's wake there was an immediate outpouring of volunteers and donations; however, there was nothing to coordinate the logistics of the relief efforts, especially among small and grassroots organizations.

    This is where Beacon comes in. We are currently working on developing an app that will help coordinate volunteers and donations during natural disasters. In this app, there are three users: relief organizations, volunteers, and survivors. These groups would all see different interfaces upon logging in. Organizations would be able to request and adjust quantities of donations or volunteers needed. Volunteers can commit to providing requested donations to specific organizations. Survivors can use the GPS feature to locate organizations offering the resources that they need.

    A base form of the app has already been created with help of Dr. Hu’s class this past semester, but it does need refining. If granted the opportunity to work with your class, we would like to separate the interfaces for our three targeted user groups and add additional functionalities to launch publicly, including but not limited to improving the GPS feature and increasing the user login data base, etc. We are currently using Ionic View to house the app, but would like to move to a free-standing app available on both the Google Play and iTunes App stores.

    Please let us know what we need to do to have Beacon under consideration by your students. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

    Mitchell Puechner
    University of South Carolina ‘19
    South Carolina Honors College | Darla Moore School of Business
    International Business and Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

  5. iCinema

    This is Nagarjuna Karnati. I live in columbia SC and I have found regarding custom made app development as part of student capstone project during my visit to USC for an international event night at russell house.

    I graduated in computers systems networking and later I have found my passion to learn about mobile apps because of its powerful outreach. So I did brainstorm for so long to came with this idea of IMDB like an app where it lists movies releasing in each language that are running in theaters now. I have always wondered about having a common platform for world cinema where you go in watch trailers of various language movies releasing every weekend across the world.

    I have deigned iCinema app prototype using apache cordova for a code day 24hr event and won best app certification. I did start with apache cordova but I am really confused about where to store data and make updates about movies every week. More over it was all static content that I have made where I hard coded youtube video URL's in each HTML page.

    Please watch this video to get an overview of the app idea and let me know if there are any further questions.

    What you want the app to do, and who will use it. A short paragraph is enough.

    This app is a common platform for world cinema to list movies from different regions/languages that are running in theaters or releasing every Friday.

    Any platform requirements you might have, such as: must be an Android app, must run on Windows, etc.

    I really want my app idea to be up an running asap in either android or iOS whichever can get done quickly.