Approved Startup Projects

The list of approved startup projects is below. This list is final.

If your name is not in the list below then you must submit your preferences for a client project by Friday @noon. If your name is on the list below you can get started on Milestone 1.

Startup Project Members
Crystal Game Robert Ditmore, Jeffrey Cleveland, Jeffrey Flood, Tyler Barton, Aliston Lowry
Dirty History Crawler Kyler Cain, Victoria McQuinn, Molly Carlson, Jason Drain
DutyRoster Austin Freed, Michael Harlow, Othen Prock, Harini Karnati, Tanya Peyush
Pantry Tracker Kyle Carhart, Bradley McClain, Jacob Strom, William Wells, Zakery Slater
Risk Game Andrew Ruegamer, Julian Amrine, Clifton Perry, Lorenzo Dyckes, Alexander Reeser
Skateboarders Darius Brown, Derwin Graham, Theodore Bach, Christopher Welborn, William Wood
Undergrad Research Boyd Compton, Ryan Hodge, Emma Drobina, Sowjanya Garigipati, Colin John
USC Advisor Tyler Hall, Ethan Harmon, Lawton Mizell, Diego Valdez,Tyler Moon
VR Room Brandon Hunter, Andrew Rowles, Nattapon Donratanapat, Christopher Shealey
WaWash Ruchi Bhosale, Dalton Bickford, RaShae' Bey, Justin Weller, Joy Ray