Milestone 15: Quality Assurance

Due Date: One week after you get a copy of the other team's project.
Grading: Team

Each team will get a copy of another team's project and do extensive testing of it. You will be added to the other team's github project. Add all the bugs you find on the project as github issues. A-teams will find at least a dozen bugs.


The specific steps you need to do:

  1. If you have a webapp, deploy it and put the URL in the front page of your repo (the "Description", click the "Edit" button)
  2. If it is a mobile/desktop app then create a Release called RC1.
  3. Make sure the other team can run your app, that they know what it is supposed to do, that they know how to use it.

When testing the other group's project you need to:

  1. Add every bug you find to their Issues list. Use screenshots whenever useful (google: how to take screenshot on iphone/android/whatever)
  2. When you are done testing, tell the other group.

When being tested you will assign labels to each issue the testers submit. Namely:

  • Use the bug label for bug issues.
  • If it is not excatly a bug, but something that really should be added, you can add an issue about it with the enhacement label.
  • If you decide that fixing it is outside the scope of the project then add the wontfix label, explain why, and close it.