Milestone 11: Presentation and Demo

Demo day and Location: Final demos presentations will be TBD in Amoco Hall.
Grading: Team


We have 31 groups and just 3 hours to do all them, so presentations cannot be longer than 5 minutes (you will get cut off).

In the presentation you will cover:

  1. Who is your client? What your app is meant to do? What problem does it solve? (1 slide)
  2. What technologies are you using? Why? (1 slide)
  3. A quick demo of what you have working so far. (0 slides)

All the presentations have to be done with Google Slides and shared with me by Dec 8 @noon. I will put all presentations in my laptop which you will use for presenting. You can also use the overhead presenter in Amoco to show your app running in your phone/tablet if you need to.