Capstone Projects Video Demos 2017

Below are all the teams. Click on the team names to watch their video demonstration and view their website.

Team Type Short Description
whatsthemove Mobile Connect people to local events.
FantasyDJ Mobile Compete to predict songs' popularity.
Style Connect Web Application Customer managment for hair salons.
HotSpot Mobile Find and rate local events.
safehouse Web Application A game of hide-n-seek in google maps.
Cholestcheck Web Application Inventory management for medical supplies.
Hops Mobile Find out which local bars your friends will visit.
AisleGuide Mobile Shows the optimal path for buying your groceries in a supermarket.
ShiftASound Hardware Network controlled HDMI switch.
Dashboard Web Application Online information dashboard with plugins.
Gamecock-Study Mobile Setup study groups.
greenlink Web Application Webstore for bus advertisement.
HealthyConnections Mobile Helps navigate Medicare/Medicaid coverage.
HereInMyGarage Mobile Keep track of your stuff. Find it.
Indecision Web Application Setup lunch with co-workers.
Ingredi-Scan Mobile Scan ingredients, find recipes, create shopping lists.
Karte Mobile Webapp Find were things are at USC. Get directions. View maps.
LET Web Application Lab equipment tracker.
NanoBadgers Mobile Game, featuring the NanoGirls story.
PayForPlay Web Application Make sports predictions and compete.
PersonalChallenge Mobile Keep track of your life goals.
SCDOTProject Mobile Inventory street signs.
Math Quizzes Web Application Math online quizing platform.
Boil Water Advisory Mobile Get Boil Water Advisories for your home.
Hygieia Hydration Web Application Manage your hydration levels.
Student Portfolio Web Application Student portfolio manager.
TheRiddlers Desktop Gameshow quiz.
TrafficQuest Mobile Gather traffic data.
Trees and Me Mobile View and manage special trees in Columbia.
vr-datasets Desktop View and manipulate molecules in virtual reality.
WaitList Web Application Manage an advisement waitlist.