Capstone Computing Project

Your GitHub Issues and Grades

We have been grading. Some of you will start to get github issues assigned to you. Remember that our use of Issues in this class is covered in the teamwork lectures. The label:readme issues are how you will get feedback from us. Please take them seriously. Tip: You can see all the issues assigned to you across github by going to

I will send out periodic personal emails that contain your grades for each milestone. The issues will never contain grade points, for privacy reasons. The emails will tell you how many points, if any, each Issue cost you. Some Issues are just FYI so do not cost points.

You won't get a grade for the Personal Log milestone until the end, because it is ongoing. But, we are keeping track of it.

A few of you still have not accepted the github invite. So, we cannot assign you issues, because you are not even on our github org yet. However, we are still keeping track of how delinquently behind you are in class and deducting points accordingly.

Finally, remember to never use someone else's github account. It is considered the same as taking someone's test for them, as per our Syllabus.

Meeting Times Posted

I have just emailed out invites to everyone with our meeting times. These are the meetings of your team with me. All meetings are 30 minutes, so please be prompt. They will be held in my office which is in Swearingen 3A51, at least until we move to the new building sometime mid-semester. You can also see all the scheduled meeting times in my calendar if you did not get the email invite.

Notice that the meetings are every 2-weeks, but there are no meetings during Thanksgiving week. The schedule gets shifted over one week after Thanksgiving week. See my calendar if you are confused.

Meeting Times Poll

During your first meeting determine which times, from the list below, everyone in the group can meet with me.

Each group, please submit the form below to let me know all the times your team can meet, by Saturday, September 9 @midnight. Meetings will start the next week. The meetings are only 30minutes so you will have to be on time. We will be meeting every other week. Please also fill out (per Milestone 1) this form to tell me your repo name before you fill out the form below. Form is now closed.

Team Assignments

Below you will find the team assignments for this year. This year we have 26 client projects and 10 startup projects. For the client projects' assignments 83 people received their first choice of project, 30 received their second choice, 10 their third choice, and 1 unlucky person got their fifth choice. Sorry if that was you!

Below are each team's members, given by their What you have to do now is:

  1. Email everyone in your group. Setup a time to meet and
  2. work on Milestone 1 which is due Sept. 10,
  3. email your client, tell them you will be working on the project, setup time to meet with them (it is OK if just 1 or 2 of you meet the client, but try to have everyone there for the first meeting at least),
  4. start your personal log.

Project Preferences

Fill out the form below by Friday, September 1 @noon with your project preferences. If you do not, you will lose 10% of your final grade and I will assign you to whatever group I want. By now you should have read all the project descriptions.

I will feed these preferences you give me below to my program to find a solution where all groups are of 4 or 5 students while giving everyone their best possible choice.

If you are on a approved startup team, do not use this form. You already have a team.

You also need to fill out the github username form to tell me your username. If you don't have a github username, get one.

TIP: If you first login to this website you will be able to change your preferences after submissions, but before the deadline.

Deadline for Startup Project Applications is Tuesday

I will accept ideas for startup projects until Tuesday Aug. 29 @midnight. Email me the name of the 4-5 students in the team and the project idea by then. I will post the list of chosen startup projects on Wednesday. Everyone who did not end up in a chosen startup project will turn in their client preferences by Friday (I'll post that form soon. I am just waiting on some possible late client submissions).

Welcome to CSCE 490

What you need to be doing the first week of classes:

  1. Read the client proposals. Decide if you will be working on a client project or on a startup project.
    1. If you chose to do a client project then keep an eye on this website. A form to submit your client preferences will appear.
    2. If you chose to do a startup then email me your project idea and team names. Wait for me to reply that I have approved it.
  2. Watch the lectures.
  3. We will have an informal meeting Friday August 25 @3:30pm in Amoco Hall so you can meet other class members and form startup groups, for those of you who want to do startup. Also, if you have an idea, you can pitch it to the class.


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