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Summer (and more) Web Programming at USC

The College of Education is looking for a GA to perform web programming tasks for Summer 2010, with possible re-appointment for Fall and Spring semesters. Experienced with IIS, ASP, SQL, SQLServer, XML, CSS and Javascript. This position is responsible for maintaining an existing codebase as well as the development of new applications. Tuition and generous stipend.

Careers in Computer Science

by Duncan Buell

The computer is all around us , in online commerce (Amazon, iTunes,eBay), in constant access and connections on smart phones that text, browse the web, play music, and display photos and video clips. And yet, surprisingly, enrollments in university computer science programs are down substantially from a few years ago. Our nation is at risk, because we have become completely dependent on computers and their software applications, and yet we do not have enough people starting careers in computer science.

Web System Support Programmer / Analyst in Columbia

Manager needs someone who has at least 1-2 years of work experience, not just the IT degree. Prefers someone who has been a jack-of-all-trades since they’ll be working with Windows Server, networking, Unix, Linux, Java, etc. Does not have to have programmed in Java but needs to be able to look at Java and JavaScript code to access issues.

Tech After Five in the Vista

Tech after five is a 100% networking event designed to exclusively connect tech entrepreneurs and professionals. We meet from 5:30 to 7:30 and we're on a mission to help people make the connections they need to advance their businesses and careers.

What’s Happening


A little background on the job:

It is an entry level application analyst position – full time. Working with me to provide on-site support for users of an Oracle based enterprise computing system. Knowledge of SQL is a requirement. Please tell anyone who is graduating in May to please put down that they have a BS degree – it requires a BS in Computer Science if there is no job experience.

The job is posted on the USC web site. See below:

Requisition Number 002347

Full Time Developer at Team IA

Team IA has a full time opening for a software developer with strong analytical problem solving skills (also look for an internship position on jobmate)



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